Countywide Application of Mill Valley 4MAPS Sustainable Communities GIS Protocol

HUD's interest in a research grant for monitoring the use of 4MAPS Sustainable Communities Parcel-Level GIS, statute in the Mill Valley Housing Element, has spurred investigation of its broader use. So far, DESTINATION, WALK and TRANSIT maps of Marin and Fresno counties California have been developed as test cases, mirroring the Mill Valley protocol. Efforts are underway to recruit cities and counties to adopt 4MAPS. According to Dennis Klein, BSI CEO, "The greatest incentive for change is avoiding pain. Already, Climate Change is robbing us of something we did not know we had to lose: a sense of certainty that tomorrow will be somewhat like today. After a rain storm this time of year I normally expect 3 to 5 more. This year when it finally did rain after months of record breaking draught (10 inches vs. 50), I was not certain if even one more drop would fall this year. The scientist say cut our driving in half and we can beat Climate Change. Do nothing and get ready for a future none of us want to be in."

So how does 4MAPS reduce car use? According to federal DOT studies, increasing density close to transit and within walking distance of enough amenities induces pedestrian friendly living that slashes vehicle miles per household per year. The reduction in commute, service and other trips is so great that though there are more people, such a large proportion of all trips that are done on foot, bike or bus instead of cars results in gridlocked arterial roads going to free flow along with a compliant Carbon Footprints. 4MAPS is a call for government to get out of the alternative site business and get into the geospatial analytics business instead. Post 4MAPS, or variations thereof, and let the private and NGO sectors decide where and what to build against Sustainable Community compliance: parcels with high WALK and TRANSIT scores mean high likelihood of residents NOT driving cars for everyday use.

BSI is the custodian of the National Parcel Map Data Portal (NPDP™). As of July 2009, a total of 89 million parcel boundary polygons from 1,300 jurisdictions are normalized and ready for download. Regardless of source format, all content is subjected to over 30 software driven modifications and metric recordings to assure universal internal consistency highly convenient geoserver loading. NPDP content is available as downloads from the NPDP FTP Site or using ParcelAtlas, BSI's internet implementation of the same content for instant use of the latest data. BSI sponsor SUSUG, SEAMLESS USA for a SUSTAINABLE USEGroup's long standing campaign to get the entire nation open records. The USPTO awarded Boundary Solutions Inc. Patents 7,092,957 & 7,499,946, and 7,516,156 entitled “Computerized National Online Parcel-level Map Data Portal.” Claims include multi-state search to locate an address by displaying its corresponding digital parcel map boundary and the processing of change layer updates for the NPDP. The original provisional patent application was filed January 18, 2002. Boundary Solutions, BSI, Boundary Solutions logo, National ParcelMap Data Portal, NPDP, and Rooftop Accuracy are trademarks of BSI. All other trademarks and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Published Wednesday, March 5th, 2014

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