Create a Cloud Solution with SuperGIS Server

As times change, Supergeo continuously develops GIS software with new technologies to meet latest needs as times change. In the era of smart devices and wireless internet, the definition of GIS is not limited to process data with Desktop GIS like SuperGIS Desktop anymore. Instead, the whole geospatial industry is moving to cloud computing and storage. Based on the cloud technology of SuperGIS Server, users can establish a web GIS platform that allows everybody to share spatial information and make better decisions. Furthermore, the ultra application created by the latest SuperGIS Server 3.3 can resize and adjust the layout to ensure it is also easy to manipulate on mobile devices. Therefore, no matter you are using PC or mobile devices with iOS/Android OS, you can use the map services with the same smoothness.

For a facility maintenance scenario, the field inspection team should check and record the condition of each facility. To save the time spent on data integration and also to access data more easily, the team could establish an online GIS platform through SuperGIS Server. After the platform is built, every team member can update data with mobile devices, including web browsers or software like SuperSurv and SuperPad. Therefore, all data is updated right after the field work. The field inspection team doesn't need to copy data to every mobile device before the field work while doesn't need to spend time for data integration after the field work. The workflow could be significantly changed, helping people to reduce time costs and finish the project more rapidly.

SuperGIS Server 3.3 not only can help individual users to use map services more intuitively but access various spatial information more easily; for field surveying teams, it is a definitely a superb GIS solution for enhancing efficiency.

Understand how to check cadastral data in the field by using SuperGIS Server3.3:

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Published Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

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