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CyberCity 3D Launches Exclusive 3D Building Library for Autodesk Users

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Thursday, February 28th 2013
CyberCity 3D Inc | El Segundo, CA


CyberCity 3D, Inc. launches a new service on its website for users of Autodesk software which provides high-resolution, off-the shelf 3D city models. This new service provides a much-needed link in the chain to bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geospatial worlds together.
El Segundo, CA, February 28, 2013 - CyberCity 3D, Inc. today launched a new service on its website for users of Autodesk software, such as Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler for engineers and planning professionals, which provides high-resolution, off-the-shelf 3D city models. The new CyberCity 3D Library for Autodesk Users is the first of its kind, in that it gives Autodesk users access to detailed 3D building data, enabling them to expand the content and context of their urban infrastructure projects. In effect, the new service provides a much-needed link in the chain to bring Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Geospatial worlds together.
"With this new service from CyberCity 3D, combined with our BIM for Infrastructure solutions, such as Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler, designers and planners can effectively and efficiently conceptualize and model infrastructure in the context of the real world," stated Justin Lokitz, Autodesk Senior Product Manager Infrastructure & Collaboration Products.
“Today’s urban planners now have tools at their disposal that vastly improve their ability to address the challenges faced in communicating their vision of renewal and sustainability plans effectively and authoritatively in 3D,” explained Kevin DeVito, CEO of CyberCity 3D, Inc. “Our city model buildings, up to six inches accurate, are derived from aerial imagery and deliver a real value to those depending on detail.”
The new CyberCity 3D Library for Autodesk Users is designed to provide easy access to rich 3D building data to users of Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite 2013. Targeted users of the new service will comprise architectural and civil engineering professionals.
This new CyberCity 3D library encompases seven hundred-sixty square kilometers, with more than 500,000 measured buildings and detailed roof geometry, including pitch. Several cities including San Francisco, Washington D.C., Hollywood, CA and Paris, France are offered in their entirety. Other cities, such as Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle and Charlotte cover downtown urban centers. In total, the CyberCity 3D Library for Autodesk Users includes 21 cities today, with plans to add more.
In addition, the Autodesk Users library’s website page will offer production services for areas not currently covered by its current off-the-shelf library. As a result, Autodesk users can access accurate 3D content globally. The 3D buildings available within the library can be purchased by the square kilometer by any Autodesk software user. Complete pricing options are available at the Library’s website.
The CyberCity 3D Library for Autodesk Users complements CyberCity 3D’s current, burgeoning GIS Cities Library, the largest of its kind, featuring more than 60 cities in the U.S. and abroad with 14 multiple data fields derived from photogrammetry. CyberCity 3D can create buildings literally anywhere in the world from stereo imagery including aerial, satellite, and oblique photography. These models are available in multiple file formats.
The Company also is unique in its ability to calculate a wide range of automated measurements including line-of-site, building footprint locations, complete roof details, slope, solar azimuth, surface area, solar resource profiles, hydrodynamics and storm water data.
About CyberCity 3D, Inc.:
CyberCity 3D is a dynamic, state-of-the-art, 3D modeling company based in southern California that specializes in cutting-edge GIS and visualization solutions. Using its proprietary CC-Modeler™ software, the Company creates high resolution, 3D GIS buildings from stereo pair imagery. Our unique CC-Modeler™ software creates 14 Data Classes for every polygon generated.
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