Directions Magazine Offers Three Webinars This Week


Directions Magazine will host three webinars this week:

  • Learn about TomTom’s LBS Software Development Toolkit (sponsored by TomTom)
  • Risk Analysis & the 2011 Tsunami in Japan: Digital Maps in the Insurance Industry (sponsored by GfK GeoMarketing)
  • Real Estate Market and Applications of GIS for India (sponsored by Directions India)

The TomTom LBS Software Development Toolkit webinar, which takes place today at 2 pm Eastern, is designed for developers and will demonstrate the capabilities of the JavaScript SDK specifically, but the same capabilities are available for iOS and Java for Android.

The Risk Analysis & the 2011 Tsunami in Japan webinar, which takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10 am Eastern, will focus on the applications of digital maps in the insurance industry, using a case study from the 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan.

The Real Estate Market and Applications of GIS for India webinar, which takes place on Thursday at 11 pm Eastern and 9:30 am on Friday morning IST (India Standard Time), will explore the market opportunities and geospatial technology applications of the real estate industry for India.

Be sure to visit our upcoming webinars page to see the full list of webinars.

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Published Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

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