Enterprise Security for ArcGIS

With the new version 4.2 of security.manager, con terra GmbH has further optimized the seamless integration of their successful security software and ArcGIS technology.

By picking up on ArcGIS’s own authentication process, it is now even easier to integrate security.manager in ArcGIS-based infrastructures, applications and workflows, and to extend them with fine-grained security and access control functionalities. This can be done entirely through configuration, without programming.

Significantly expanded in version 4.2 is the support of ArcGIS for Server feature services. In addition to the authorization of operations and layers, access to feature services can now be authorized spatially and down to object level. Furthermore, during editing, the permissible value range for attributes can be limited based on the user’s role.

Overall, users can also benefit from significant increases in performance and ease of support for the ArcGIS for Server-based printing of secured services.

With the new possibilities for seamless integration into existing infrastructures, and the already existing capabilities in the protection of OGC , INSPIRE and ArcGIS services, security.manager again builds further on its position as the solution for fine-grained access control and security in the Enterprise-IT/GIS environment.

The complete list of new features of version 4.2 can be found at http://www.conterra.de/en/products/sdi/securitymanager/index.shtm.

About con terra

con terra represents forward-looking Geo-IT solutions and innovative products. We create competitive advantages for our customers in both the private sector and public agencies and achieve sustainable added value.

As a member company of the Esri Deutschland Group, our activities are based on the ArcGIS system, to which we systematically add further products and technologies, as and when appropriate. con terra is strategically oriented towards spatial data infrastructures, spatial ETL solutions and OGC/ISO/INSPIRE services and applications.

The company currently employs more than 110 personnel.


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Published Monday, January 13th, 2014

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