Etak Enhances Its Digital Map Databases Nationwide to Extend Functionality

Positional Accuracy, Connectivity, Route Planning and Addressing Attributes Updated

MENLO PARK, Calif. -- Etak Inc., the premier publisher of digital maps and location-based technology, Monday announced across-the-board updates of their digital map databases.

Enhancements include improved point-to-point connectivity for more sophisticated route-planning and more complete nationwide addressing.

Etak map databases, which cover virtually every road throughout the United States and mainland Great Britain, have also been updated with attributes designed specifically to address the broad requirements of telematics, mobile traveler information systems, damage prevention and commercial business geographics markets.

Etak map databases are available in most industry standard formats such as ESRI's shapefile format as well as Etak's MapAccess format.These map databases are used in all of Etak's industry-leading geocoding services as well as its GeoEngine 3.0 mapping toolkit and consumer applications including SkyMap Pro and real-time traffic services.

Greater Positional Accuracy
Etak maps, some of the most positionally accurate in the industry, conform to National Map accuracy standards for 1:24,000 scale maps for approximately 70 percent of the U.S.population and conform to standards set for 1:100,000 scale maps for another 25 percent.

The updated database includes the repositioning of 1.6 million miles of road to the 1:24,000 standard.

Etak map users are provided with the most up-to-date, ground-truth accurate maps in the industry through continuous updates to addresses and annual updates to national, highway network and metro county maps.These periodic updates use sophisticated digital technology to re-align map data with aerial photographs and other positionally accurate sources.

Improved Connectivity
The combination of Etak's standardized road classification system with an updated database including one-way streets, freeway on- and off-ramps, overpasses and the addition of new address ranges as well as the inclusion of multiple millions of miles of roads, has made route-planning more efficient and intelligent.

Highly Accurate Addressing
Geocoding, the process of matching an address with a latitude/longitude coordinate to pinpoint its location on a map, is a key component of the Etak map database.EtakMap Premium, the company's highest quality digital map database, includes a geocoding index that returns a 98 percent match rate.

Other Important Features
Not only are Etak's cartographically-enhanced maps accurate -- they are visually appealing.The inclusion of visual navigation aids such as parks, water features and other points of interest results in a product that is more commercially viable with a higher value in most customer applications.

In addition, Etak maps, which were designed to provide a spatial foundation for location-based applications, can be ``geo-enriched'' with the addition of data layers such as facility data, census bureau data, demographic information and real-time traffic information, to create a richer product configured for a broad set of customer applications.

Etak map databases are stored in an extremely compact format and when they are used with GeoEngine, enable fast map data access and retrieval speeds.

Etak is a unit of the Sony Group.More information about Etak products and services in the United States is available by contacting Etak Inc., 1605 Adams Drive, Menlo Park, Calif.94025.Telephone: 800/765-0555.E-mail:

Information about Etak the Digital Map Company available at 77-85 Fulham Palace Road, Hammersmith, London, W6 8JB.Telephone 0181-324-5300.E-mail:

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Published Tuesday, June 8th, 1999

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