Exprodatís End-of-Year Petroleum ArcGIS Training Offer

Exprodat, the UK-based provider of petroleum GIS services, software and training, is offering a 10% discount on all 2013 petroleum ArcGIS training courses booked before the end of 2012.

Sales & Marketing Director Jules Cullen explains the thinking behind the offer: ďMany learning organisations and asset teams are already planning their GIS skills development programme for 2013 and this offer is intended to support those organisations looking to maximise the value from next yearís training budget.Ē

Exprodat's petroleum ArcGIS training courses are designed to ensure that attendees return to their offices with new knowledge and capabilities that will have a real impact on their effectiveness. The courses teach not only the oil and gas industry-standard ArcGIS software but how to effectively implement ArcGIS within petroleum workflows.

The 10% offer extends across the unique range of courses that Exprodat offers. These include:

  • ArcGIS Essentials for Petroleum
  • ArcGIS Data Management for Petroleum
  • ArcGIS Coordinate Reference Systems for Petroleum
  • ArcGIS Basin & Play Analysis for Petroleum
  • ArcGIS 3D Surface Analysis for Petroleum
  • ArcGIS Image Analysis for Petroleum

To learn more about the details of Exprodatís petroleum ArcGIS courses and how to take advantage of the 10% reduction, please visit www.exprodat.com

To view the dates of the courses on offer, see Exprodatís 2013 public training schedule. For anyone unable to attend a course in person, Exprodat offers additional courses via their Virtual Classroom, also new for 2013

Published Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

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