FedGeo Day 2013 Schedule Announced

- This week FedGeo Day announced the conference schedule and full list of scheduled speakers. FedGeo Day is a one day event focused on modern, open geospatial tools to them taking place in Washington DC on February 28 at the Wooly Mammoth Theater.

The schedule showcases open source geospatial technologies and look at how they can, and are, being used in the government to improve services, increase efficiency, and bring cost savings. Attendees can expect to see panels and presentations on:

  • Interactive demonstrations of web maps that work
  • Conversation on improving federal geodata featuring end users and the government distributors
  • Case studies on open source geospatial implementations in use
  • Presentations the approach agencies have used to get open source tools into the government and through procurement.

Alongside of the main conference will be 15-minute technology talks focused on specific technologies like TileMill for cartography, OpenStreetMap, bridging Esri tools with newer options with Arc2Earth, through the web processing with WPS and the OpenGeo Suite and more. For those who work in the federal space FedGeo Day will be this years premiere opportunity to learn about new governmental technology policies, and how to get started using the latest and most powerful open geo technology.

The current list of speakers includes:

Mike Byrne, Federal Communications Commission

Mamata Akella, National Park Service


Matthew Loveless, Department of Energy


Dave Cole, MapBox

Liz Barry, Public Labs

Robert Simmons, NASA

Chris Herwig, MapBox


Phil Ashlock, Presidential Innovation Fellow


Mick Thompson, Code for America


Erek Dyskant, Democratic National Committee


Nathaniel Kelso, Stamen Design


Robert Soden, World Bank GFDRR


Mike Migurski


Ben Tuttle, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


Josh Campbell, U.S. Department of State


Liz Lyon, Army Corps of Engineers

Todd Stavish, In-Q-Tel

Chris Tucker, MapStory

The event has strong support from the open source and federal community with a set of sponsors that includes: OpenGeo, MapBox, RadiantBlue, Digital Globe, The MapStory Foundation, Arc2Earth and Azavea. These sponsors, along with influential figures in the open source federal community are the primary organizers of the event. FedGeo Day is being held on February 28 2013 at the Woolly Mammoth Theater in Washington, DC.

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Published Saturday, February 9th, 2013

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