Fuze Go™-Top Satellite Image Fusion Software Now Commercially Available

Scene Sharp Technologies today announced the commercial release of its Fuze Go™ brand pansharpening software.  Fuze Go™ is an algorithm that creates high-resolution colour images of the earth by fusing multiple high-resolution black and white and low-resolution satellite colour images, a process known as pansharpening. 

“The problem with today’s most commonly used algorithms is inconsistent results that require remote imaging specialists to manually check images over and over again for accuracy,” says Canada Research Chair in Advanced Geomatics Dr. Yun Zhang, inventor of the algorithm, “with our Fuze Go™ technology, you get the best result with one easy step.”

Scene Sharp Technologies was incorporated in 2011 to commercialize the University of New Brunswick professor’s invention, previously known as UNB Pansharp.Fuze Go™ offers either a two-month project based or full-year online subscription, depending on user needs. An educational version is available to university and college students free of charge so they can learn how to pansharpen images using the Fuze Go™ technology.

“We are excited to go to market with Fuze Go™,” says Scene Sharp CEO Ian Lucas,  “as one of the world’s most consistent fusion algorithms, all GIS remote sensing specialists can now have access to this powerful, yet simple software”.

As an approved Esri Partner, Scene Sharp will officially launch Fuze Go™ at the 2012 Esri International User Conference in San Diego, July 23-27. Headquartered in Redlands, California, Esri is a software development and services company providingGeographic Information System (GIS) software and geodatabase management applications worldwide. The conference expects over 15,000 delegates to attend.

At the conference, Scene Sharp will launch its first Fuze Go™ Challenge. Delegates can participate in the challenge by visiting the company’s booth, (# 1416) or atwww.fuzego.com. Follow the action on Twitter @FuzeGo

For more information contact:

Ian Lucas, CEO

Scene Sharp Technologies Incorporated


Published Saturday, July 21st, 2012

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