GameSim Continues Rapid Growth in Q1

- Development Studio Hires 10 New Employees -


ORLANDO, Fla. – March 11, 2014 – GameSim Inc., provider of software and services to the gaming, simulation, and geographic information systems (GIS) industries, continues to experience rapid growth with the addition of 10 employees to its team this quarter. Ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest growing companies in America and on the heels of 30 percent growth in 2013, the company is expanding due to its expanding role with current customers including EA and the US Army in addition to positive adoption of its Conform platform.


“Our plans to keep momentum going in 2014 are on track as we see continued growth across all of the industries that we serve,” said Andrew Tosh, GameSim founder and president. “This flexibility has allowed us to insert ourselves into a lucrative niche that’s led to repeat clients, new opportunities and a trend in shared technologies.”


On the gaming side, GameSim is currently working with EA Sports to perform art and engineering work for Madden NFL and NBA Live on the XboxOne and PlayStation4 platforms.


Conform, the company’s new GIS software product launched last year, continues to be adopted by organizations such as the U.S. Army. The tool provides instant views of large amounts of geographical information.


In the military simulation sector GameSim continues to work with the U.S. Air Force in the development of a desktop flight simulation platform for tactical training of personnel. The initial results debuted late last year.


New to the team are four animators, three software engineers, one senior software engineer, one IT professional and an office assistant. Tosh added, “We’re incredibly proud of the new talent we’ve attracted and couldn’t be happier to have these individuals come on board at such a critical time.”


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About GameSim:

GameSim is a software company working in the Video Game, GIS and Modeling & Simulation Industries. GameSim has developed applications for government customers including the US Army, US Air Force, and NASA, in addition to commercial companies including Electronic Arts and CSX. GameSim is an experienced game development studio, having worked on all major game platforms.

Published Wednesday, March 12th, 2014

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