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Gem Real Estate Advisory Group builds Location Analytics platform with Beitz & Daigh Geographics

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Tuesday, August 5th 2014

Gem Real Estate Advisory Group builds Location Analytics platform with Beitz & Daigh Geographics

Location Analytics software will help support market research and site selection for new developments.

COLUMBIA, SC. August 5, 2014— Real Estate Company Gem Real Estate Advisory Group announces today its new Location Analytics platform designed to support commercial real estate development. This new platform is built on Esri’s Business Analyst Desktop Software, cloud web-map services from ArcGIS Online, and Beitz & Daigh Geographics’ Opportunity Surface™ 2.0 Location Analytics model. Gem Real Estate now has the enhanced ability to locate and prioritize sites for development based on their clients’ location and demographic requirements by aggregating multiple demographic variables and data points to form a single opportunity surface which will help accelerate the site selection process.

“Our move to Esri and working with Beitz & Daigh has been great.” said Eric Meyer, GIS Real Estate Research Manager for Gem Real Estate. “Esri’s technology combined with Beitz and Daigh’s real estate expertise has greatly increased our service capabilities to address geographic questions and work flows for real estate development.” David Beitz, President and Co-Founder said “We have enjoyed working with Gem Real Estate to explore all the ways we can improve GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for use in real estate development. I’m excited to see how the system will benefit their company in the long run.”

Clients of Gem Real Estate Advisory Group now have more options when it comes to location analysis and site selection. Today, their project expertise includes retail, industrial, educational, medical, office, religious, active adult, multi-family, and various commercial renovations. This new system provides them the opportunity to help clients make sense of and spot opportunities within multiple layers of location data widely available today.

About Gem Real Estate Advisory Group

To date, Ohio based Gem Real Estate Advisory Group has worked with clients big, small, regional and nationwide spanning over 32 states and has been party to several hundred lease contracts. In addition to GIS and market research services, Gem Real Estate offers real estate strategy, asset management and disposition, contract negotiation, and other out-sourced real estate department functions. For more information on Gem Real Estate Advisory Group, please visit

About Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc

Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., and Esri Business Partner, provides cutting-edge GIS (Geographic Information Systems) solutions for organizations looking to visualize, research, analyze , and display location data. Nationwide professional services and consulting are provided using the latest GIS software from Esri, the world leader in GIS software technology. Professional Services offered include: Market Planning, Site Selection, Location Marketing, Preliminary site plans in CAD, Web-Mapping Applications, and Mobile Application Development. Current and former clients include Shopping Center Owners, Real Estate Investors, Retail and Multi-Family Developers, Brokers, Investment Banking Associates, and Internet Entrepreneurs. For more information on Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc., please visit

further information: Eric Meyer // Gem Real Estate Advisory Group //513.583.4761 //

further information: David Beitz // Beitz and Daigh Geographics, Inc.//803.451.0305 //

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