Geo: The Big 5 – Future Cities, Two Weeks to Go – Workshops Announced

There are less than two weeks to go until Geo: The Big 5, Future Cities and we are happy to announce two hands on workshops in addition to the two main streams of great content.

The workshops are provided by event sponsors Ordnance Survey and thinkWhere. The Ordnance Survey workshop will be an OS OpenData Masterclass in a Nutshell This session will condense a day’s learning into a single session without compromising on quality. The workshop will be a hands-on session looking at the value of using Ordnance Survey's rich open data stack. You will learn the value of open geographic data to unlocking other public data sources, the ease of accessing open data and the detail that is available. The thinkWhere workshop will offer an introduction to popular open source GIS package QGIS. This will include loading data, conducting spatial analysis and creating maps with QGIS software, no prior knowledge of QGIS is necessary.

About Future Cities: We’re living in a time of rapid urbanisation, where shifting global demographics (growing in number, age and prosperity as they migrate from rural to urban life styles) are going to have an increasing impact on our activities here in the UK. For London, the population will grow to 9M by 2021 and 10M by 2030. That brings with it considerable pressures – for example, the need for 800K extra house units, capacity for an additional 600K peak-time commuters, and the challenge of dealing with the increased waste and energy consumption.

The Future or Smart City is the collective response to these immense challenges. It is not one thing or one technology, but a proactive approach to managing the urban infrastructure to provide a better level of service and living with less available resources. This event, being held in the impressive Glasgow City Chambers, will enable delegates alike to come away with a renewed appreciation of how Geospatial Information and Systems (GIS) can contribute to overcoming the barriers of a City becoming a FutureCity.

To understand a modern city is to understand how its occupants utilise the space over time. However much of the discussion around future solutions to meet the increased and changing demands being placed on a city, are not addressing the inherent geographic nature of the problem. This is perhaps being exacerbated by the GI industry not sufficiently articulating the benefits it can bring. This events aims to provide an awareness to all attendees of the opportunities offered by making GI an integrated part of the FutureCities solution. There is still time to book but space is limited.

About Geo:

The Big 5 Geo: The Big 5 is a series of national events that will tackle the big issues in GeoSpatial in 2014: • Future Cities • Open Geospatial • Big Data • BIM and Asset Management • Policy A wide range of challenges and opportunities are facing the GeoSpatial sector resulting from changing markets, a shifting policy landscape and of course new technologies and expectations. Many of these will affect most if not all of the GeoSpatial sphere and this is where Geo: The Big 5 is different. Other geo events focus on particular areas of the industry or certain technologies, platforms and techniques. Geo: The Big 5 takes a more holistic approach that sweeps across the breadth of the industry. The series will culminate in a two day conference ‘GeoCom: The Changing Face of Geo’ which will pull bring together the discussions for the rest of the Big 5 and set the agenda for Geo going in to 2015 and beyond.

About the Association for Geographic Information

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is the membership organisation for the UK geospatial industry. The AGI exists to promote the knowledge and use of Geographic Information for the betterment of governance commerce and the citizen. The AGI exists to represent the interests of the UK's Geographic Information industry; a wide-ranging group of public and private sector organisations, suppliers of Geographic Information/GeoSpatial software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals. The AGI, by way of its unique membership forum, brings together this previously disparate community to share ideas on best practice, experience and innovation, and offers access to unparalleled networking opportunities with significant business benefits. As such it acts on behalf of the community as whole. Since its formal inception in 1989, it has built up a significant membership base and established itself as the respected voice in GeoSpatial and is THE membership body for everyone with an interest or involvement with GeoSpatial.

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Published Thursday, March 6th, 2014

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