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GeoPortal Aids Oil Spill Response & Damage Assessments

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Wednesday, April 23rd 2014
| Stuart, FL

GeoPortal Aids Oil Spill Response & Damage Assessments

The cutting-edge application provides real-time data and enhances the efficiency of incident responders.

April 15, 2014, Stuart, FL - A secure, login-based GeoPortal built and hosted by the CSA Ocean Sciences Inc. (CSA) GeoSpatial Services business line has been used for tasks associated with planning, science, and operations for oil spill response. The GeoPortal serves as a tool for streamlining the planning, visualization, and coordination efforts of multiple contractors working on a cooperative damage assessment.

Specific tasks include enabling the tracking of multiple field teams on small vessels through SPOT real-time communicators; guiding operational decision-making based on observed progress of field teams; and providing an ability to assess transit times to, from, and between various study areas to improve field team efficiency, safety, and integration.

By providing a common frame of reference, the GeoPortal allows team members to store and view project-specific spatial data, including oiling observations over time, sampling designs, and sampling results. Spatial data integrated into the GeoPortal also includes GPS digital still photographs collected by field teams in airplanes, helicopters, boats, and on foot. The availability of these resources in one online location substantially improves communication and understanding among team members, regardless of location.

The GeoPortal provides intake capacity for field data and seamless migration into an enterprise database. This efficiency allows for real-time decision making to guide incident response decisions. The common operating platform is supported by ESRI’s ArcGIS Server technology, which allows for “big picture” visualization and analysis. Senior Scientist Dr. Jodi Harney at CSA stated, “The GeoPortal has improved coordination, integration, and communication among teams responding to the incident and is providing a framework for subsequent data analysis and assessment.” By unifying information in a common geographic context, the GeoPortal maintains diverse data in near real-time, which enables the creation of customized user-friendly reports. An example of a CSA GeoPortal can be found at .

This application is part of CSA’s Marine Environmental Services for Spill Response, for which CSA assists clients in preparing for and responding to oil and gas releases and associated damage assessment. For more information on CSA’s capabilities and marine environmental services associated with spill response, please visit our website at or call 772-219-3000

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