GIS-centric Community Connects at Regional User Group Meetings

High Turnout Strengthens GIS-centric Platform

Cityworks Regional User Group (RUG) meetings are growing larger than ever before. The 2015–2016 RUGs have exceeded expectations. Over 1,000 individuals attended meetings throughout the United States, including two meetings in Canada and one in Sweden.

Cityworks Regional User Group meetings are designed to help organizations and individual users maximize their investment and extend their Cityworks implementation with minimal travel impact. Attendees joined Cityworks staff and peers in their regions to discuss the Cityworks platform, mobile initiatives, Analytics, and cloud-based solutions for Cityworks.

Discussions and demonstrations showed how to achieve success in mobility, extensibility, and accountability with Cityworks and Cityworks business partners. The presentation included topics that easily translate to the workflows of Cityworks clients. They also discussed how Cityworks partners have developed mobile solutions that incorporate Cityworks. In addition, users were invited to give presentations addressing a specific area of focus at each event. It is extremely beneficial for clients to hear from similar cities and find out how they are utilizing Cityworks within their organizations.

“I have attended Cityworks Conferences but had never attended a RUG meeting before,” said Samantha Bartow, director of sewer services, Taylors Fire and Sewer District, SC.  “I really enjoyed hearing presentations from our sister agencies. It is good to see how other agencies use Cityworks. I also got to network with local agencies that I wasn’t aware of using Cityworks. I believe these meetings should become an annual or quarterly affair in conjunction with the Cityworks Conference.”

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About Cityworks
Since 1996, Cityworks® has been streamlining the way agencies manage public infrastructure and property by combining the asset geodatabase with the business logic of agencies that care for infrastructure and property. An authoritative resource and system of record, Cityworks elevates Esri®’s ArcGIS® Location Platform specifically to manage workflow, schedule resources and prioritize activities—saving time and improving operational efficiencies. Time-tested and proven technology, Cityworks is Empowering GIS® at more than 500 organizations around the world.
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Published Tuesday, October 25th, 2016

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