GIS Cloud Releases Crowdsourcing Solution

GIS Cloud, a pioneer in the field of cloud-based geospatial/GIS solutions has officially released its Crowdsourcing solution. With the new release, GIS Cloud offers their current and future clients an opportunity to get a fully customized and branded crowdsourcing solution that is accessible to organizations of all sizes which can be deployed faster than other customized solutions on the market.   Cities, local governments, and organizations around the world will be able to offer a simple app for reporting problems, offering solutions or mapping the areas of interest using mobile devices or a web browser. Submitters will be able to select different options, add photos, write comments and mark locations. City or organization administrators will be able to approve or decline submissions, view statistics and create reports.   Dino Ravnić, the CEO and Co-founder of GIS Cloud, stated:

“GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing is bringing organizations a simple and easy way of gathering valuable information and feedback from their communities. Being fully integrated with our platform and our cloud-based mapping products, Crowdsourcing is our step further in delivering on a promise of a true real-time map collaboration. The team is excited to see how our users will make the best out of our newest solution.”

   With the GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution, organizations will get a branded mobile Android app available on the Google Play, a branded mobile iOS app available App Store and a branded and customized web portal. The organizations will be able to test the solution in order to ensure that everything is working before releasing applications to the wider public.   The key benefit is full integration of GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing with other GIS Cloud products, which enables that collected data is used it the Map Editor for further customizations, reporting and data management as well as in Mobile Data Collection that enables easy inspections and other follow-on in-field activities once the data has been crowdsourced.    Contact GIS Cloud for early access to GIS Cloud Crowdsourcing solution and get started today.  

Published Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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