GO Loader takes up the baton at the GML Relay, Emmen

Southampton,UK-- In a joint presentation at the GML Relay in Emmen, Netherlands, Snowflake Software and Oracle Corporation demonstrated how easy it can be to exchange GML (Geography Markup Language) data with an enterprise database.

The GML Relay event was organised by Netherlands Society for Earth Observation and Geo-informatics, and hosted by Topografische Dienst in Emmen, Netherlands on 13th December.The aim of the event was to test whether the GML tools currently available truly support the easy exchange of data between systems.The task set for each of the five participants was to read the GML file output by the previous participant, to edit the data, and to output the modified GML file for the next participant to read.

Snowflake's GO Loader passed the test with flying colours, being the only technology able to read the output files from all the other participants despite the fact that each system output it's own flavour of GML.GO Loader was able to achieve this because of it's unique XML Schema parsing technology which enables GO Loader to work with any GML format without prior knowledge of the format, without requiring software change, and without the creation of bespoke scripting files.

Eddie Curtis (Snowflake Software) surprised the Emmen audience by admitting that he had arrived at the event without preparing any software or a data model to hold the Dutch data.However, thanks to the high productivity of GO Loader's graphical data modelling interface he was able to create a data model, define rules for translating the Dutch GML, and load the data into Oracle 9i Spatial in just the 15 minutes allotted for the demonstration.

About Snowflake Software
Snowflake Software is a UK based company providing innovative mapping technology and consultancy services.Snowflake specialise in the development of software products using mainstream, interoperable technologies such as Java and XML.Snowflake is committed to standards and recognises the potential of GML as a key enabler technology to bring geographic information into mainstream IT. Snowflake is a member of the Oracle Partner network, an Ordnance Survey Licensed Partner and member of the OpenGIS Consortium.

For more information about Snowflake Software visit http://www.snowflakesoft.co.uk

About GO Loader
GO Loader is a software tool specifically developed for loading Oracle Spatial and Locator databases with geographical data supplied in GML (Geography Markup Language) formats.GO Loader uses easy to use graphical interfaces that guide the user through modelling and loading GML data into an Oracle database.GO Loader provides full support for OS MasterMap and through its unique XML Schema technology is capable of working with any GML format without prior knowledge of the format.

For more information about GO Loader visit http://www.snowflakesoft.co.uk/goloader

Published Saturday, January 4th, 2003

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