“Go Open!” Seamless USA for a Sustainable USA Launched their Open Parcel Record Movement

SEAMLESS USA for a SUSTAINABLE USA Group (SUSUG) officially announced today the launch of the  “Go Open” Movement to speed the day of Universal Open Parcel Records.

Professor Robert Reich’s new film “Inequality for All” perfectly presents thecurrent situation facing the middle class. He recently recognized SEAMLESS USA for a SUSTAINABLE USA Group(SUSUG) for the work they are doing regarding “Open Records”.

“Open Records is important, and I salute the work you and others are doing ...”– Robert Reich    

SEAMLESS USA for a SUSTAINABLE USA Group (SUSUG) officially announced today the “Go Open” Movement. SUSUG has been campaigning for universal Open Records for many years, starting with petitioning the California Attorney General for information equality leading up to the California Supreme Court’s Decision to make Orange County give away their digital parcel map data layer for free rather than charge $375,000 per year.

As the President said in his State of the Union address, -- “Today, ... Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled."

Studies  by BSI show that closed records stifle the local property investment and stand in the way of economic equality. If your jurisdiction is charging more than $200 for parcel data it is part of the problem… organize and petition your representatives and tell them all records should be open to everybody!

Since 2001, SUSUG has successfully contributed to over 1,800 USA counties staying or “Going” Open, sharing their recently operational digital parcel maps and records at no cost or at the cost-of-reproduction. Along the way, SUSUG has developed collaborative relationships with Federal Geographic Data Committee, National Geospatial Advisory Committee, National States Geographic Information Council, U.S. Geological Survey, Urban Land Institute, American Planning Association, The Urban Institute, United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. It is no surprise that these organizations and agencies want all records to be “Open” for improved research regarding, among other things, reversing inequality.

The issue at hand is that 95 million Americans living in 600 counties are deprived use of this vital content paid for by their own tax dollars. They cannot afford the high fees that would give them access to the parcel layer’s superior resolution and currency and resulting financial benefits. The upside is that this tremendous advantage to the few, at the expense of the many, can be ended by simply making digital parcel map data free or affordable, initiating universal information equality for all. Keep reading our newsletter for an information stream about SUSUG’s “Go Open” campaign. With your support, SUSUG will make this movement happen. “GO OPEN!”


BSI is the custodian of the National Parcel Map Data Portal (NPDP™). As of July 2009, a total of 89 million parcel boundary polygons from 1,300 jurisdictions are normalized and ready for download. Regardless of source format, all content is subjected to over 30 software driven modifications and metric recordings to assure universal internal consistency highly convenient geoserver loading. NPDP content is available as downloads from the NPDP FTP Site or using ParcelAtlas, BSI's internet implementation of the same content for instant use of the latest data. BSI sponsor SUSUG, SEAMLESS USA for a SUSTAINABLE USEGroup's long standing campaign to get the entire nation open records. The USPTO awarded Boundary Solutions Inc. Patents 7,092,957 & 7,499,946, and 7,516,156 entitled “Computerized National Online Parcel-level Map Data Portal.” Claims include multi-state search to locate an address by displaying its corresponding digital parcel map boundary and the processing of change layer updates for the NPDP. The original provisional patent application was filed January 18, 2002. Boundary Solutions, BSI, Boundary Solutions logo, National ParcelMap Data Portal, NPDP, and Rooftop Accuracy are trademarks of BSI. All other trademarks and company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

Published Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

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