Hexagon Geospatial Announces Dotka Data’s Dutch Geospatial Data e-Commerce Website

ERDAS APOLLO Enables Dotka to sell historic imagery of the Netherlands.

Norcross, Ga. June 02, 2014 - Hexagon Geospatial announces that Dotka Data has developed an e-Commerce site built upon ERDAS APOLLO. This online store provides a means for exploiting massive collections of imagery and vector datasets of the Netherlands – and purchasing customized reports of an area of interest (AOI), on-demand.

Dotka Data is a Netherlands-based data services company. Working with the national mapping agency, they have compiled a comprehensive database of historic imagery. The Dotka Data imagery collection includes topographic maps from as far back as 1798, and aerial photographs taken for topological purposes from 1932 to the present. Due to the age and breadth of the information in the collection, it offers a unique perspective on major changes and events such as the development of the Netherlands’ many polders, World War II and the post-war reconstruction and the urban expansion of the 1970s.

By digitizing archives of aerial photographs and maps, they have catalogued as a time-series of the country’s imagery into a digitally re-mastered and georeferenced database. Dotka Data has digitized and exploited more than 60 Terabytes of geospatial data.

“Whether you are a sensor owner, data broker or a printed media organization, you can quickly exploit large volumes of imagery and vector data simultaneously,” said Wouter Brokx, Co-founder, Dotka Data. “This allows you to easily select, order, pay and receive geospatial information products on-demand.”

The e-Commerce API utilizes ERDAS APOLLO for managing and delivering the geospatial information. This includes original photos, mosaics, geodata or PDF reports, which are all available as prints and downloads. ERDAS APOLLO enables users to organize and make sense of vast amounts of distributed data across their organizations. The catalog is powerful enough to organize any data type in the enterprise into one comprehensive, human-readable library. Last year, Hexagon Geospatial announced that Dotka Data had selected ERDAS APOLLO to manage all of its imagery data.

In 2012, Algemeen Dagblad (AD), one of the largest Dutch newspapers, contacted Dotka to provide a free set of aerial photographs of 2011 and 1960. In six weeks, ERDAS APOLLO served 15.9 million previews, which is an incredibly high number since the population for the Netherlands is only 16 million.

To learn more about this unique implementation, don't miss out on the breakout session titled, “E-Commerce for Massive Data to the Millions” at HxGN Live 2014. Insights will be shared about the Dotka e-Business model and how other organizations can also use ERDAS APOLLO and the e-Business API to set up a one-stop shop to deliver actionable information products from your geospatial content to millions of consumers and professionals




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Published Tuesday, June 3rd, 2014

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