IceWEB Announces Deployment of Virtual-Meet-Me-Room Technology

IceLINK Technology Extends Connectivity Capabilities For Carriers and Service Providers

- IceWEB, Inc. (OTC BB:IWEB) announced today that its subsidiary, Computers and Tele-Comm of Kansas City (“CTC”) has successfully deployed its IceLINK Connection product. IceLINK is designed to extend the Company’s Ethernet Meet-Me-Room Connections to potentially as many as 50,000 additional US locations, creating Virtual-Meet-Me-Room™ (VMMR) technology.

“This new product capability will dramatically increase the reach of well-connected buildings, data centers and carrier hotels while reducing the cost of extending carriers and service providers to alternate locations,” said Graeme Gibson, CTC Chief Technologist. “We initially developed the VMMR technology for our own datacenters as a means to translocate the carriers we have in one of our locations and make it available to the others. We built the first large carrier-neutral Meet-Me-Room in Kansas City and we wanted to ensure that the advantage of its connections were available in our other Meet-Me-Room locations. We also wanted to develop a product that could quickly scale into Meet-Me-Rooms in other cities around the US.”

Rob Howe, CEO of IceWEB further explained, “As a cloud services company it is vital for us to be able to reach a broad geography of service endpoints while completely bypassing the traditional Internet with its higher latency and lower security. This technology does just that. Over the next few months we will be enabling additional locations and carriers. Our test deployment was made with TW Telecom E-Line™ & Zayo Communications dark fiber infrastructure. The 10 Gbs deployment merged multiple 1Gb pipes while maintaining their original structure. Our initial offering will allow customers to combine up to ten different carriers or services into a single pipe and scale it from 10Mbs to 10 Gbs, delivering bandwidth on a single variable speed connection. As a result, IceWEB and CTC now have an enhanced way to provide our services to an even greater footprint of customers and locations. Now customers can take advantage of the lower prices that carrier hotels allow for bandwidth, while paying only for the bandwidth that they actually use. In addition, they can carry the Wide Area Network (WAN) feed of 2 Carriers for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) stability and also over the same pipe move Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) for data and phones, as well as connections for secure backup and data storage in the data center.”

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Cynthia DeMonte


Published Friday, October 18th, 2013

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