IndoorLBS Publishes Report on the Indoor Location Services

IndoorLBS, LLC ( has published a report on the indoor location, tracking, and navigation market.-

This latest report features 100 companies that are working on micro location solutions, tracking inside buildings, venue maps, and in-building navigation. The companies including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Skyhook Wireless, MGM Casino, Qualcomm, Verizon, and many more. 

Since 2003, has been monitoring and evaluating the Location-Based Services industry, specifically the convergence of positioning technologies like WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC, and sensor-based location technologies like accelerometers, gyroscopes, MEMS as alternative or complimentary positioning technologies to GPS. In 2006, produced the groundbreaking book on indoor LBS, Local Positioning Systems: LBS Applications and Services.
“Indoors is the last mile and the next frontier for the location services market,” says Tristian Lacroix, VP Business Development at IndoorLBS, LLC. Indoor maps emerged rapidly in 2009 as start-ups such as Point Inside and Micello, and later NAVTEQ released their indoor content. While a number of tagging & infrastructure-based technologies can deliver to precise indoor location, it is tough to make these solutions ubiquitous. However, alternative positioning technologies will provide 25 percent of all positioning solutions by 2014.
This 130+ pages report assesses the existing and emerging indoor location services market and ecosystem. Applications include location presence and navigation applications within shopping malls, large retail stores, transportation hubs, convention centers, university campuses, hospitals, and office buildings, along with entertainment and social applications like social networking, local search, advertising and geo-tagging, which are all enjoying a surge in use and popularity.

Published Monday, September 19th, 2011

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