Laurel Hill GIS, Inc. releases GeoData Modeler; an innovative tool for ArcGIS® and ArcFM® data model

A view of your data model that you have never had before.

Laurel Hill GIS, Inc. announces the release of GeoData Modeler an innovative tool for ArcGIS® and ArcFM® data model management. Modeler’s unique multi-tabbed Microsoft Excel spreadsheet allows for a panoramic view of the geodatabase and ArcFM® properties. Additional geodatabase reporting comes in the form of a simple to use and share HTML data dictionary report. Modeler’s reports fill the gap in geodatabase property visualization.

Modeler’s comparison identifies property differences between geodatabases. This is not a trivial operation but Modeler fills the gap in property difference visualization. Without Modeler, determining even the slightest ArcGIS® and ArcFM® difference between geodatabases can be overwhelming and time consuming.

Modeler’s update allows for modifications using an Excel spreadsheet tracking change requirements and pushing changes into a target geodatabase. The workflow changes the way modifications are made. They become automatic, repeatable to multiple environments, consistent and of high quality. Data model updates are reduced to a simple task removing impediments to rollouts. Modeler couples updates with comparison for verification allowing data model update risks to be virtually eliminated. Each phase of a rollout; requirements gathering, development, testing and implementation see tangible benefits in both time and money saved using Modelers automated tools for reporting, comparison and updating the geodatabase.

“We are pleased to add GeoData Modeler to our ArcGIS® Quality Assurance product line. For years we have offered the ability to compare geodatabases with our Diagnostics product. Modeler replaces Diagnostic’s comparison functionality, and adds brilliant reporting and innovative model updates. This tool has something for everyone using a geodatabase. It truly is a view of your data model that you have never had before.” says Laurel Hill GIS’ vice-president, Matt McCain.

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Published Wednesday, October 12th, 2016

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