LiDAR Services International Demonstrates Aerial LiDAR Benefits to the Mining Industry at PDAC

LiDAR Services International (LSI),

Calgary, Alberta will be exhibiting at PDAC 2013, the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada International Convention, Trade Show and Investors Exchange on March 3-6 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre demonstrating how mining operations can save time, reduce costs and minimize risks by eliminating redundant surveying and mapping services by using advanced aerial LiDAR technology.

“When developing mining sites, it is not uncommon for various survey crews to be sent out several times to survey and determine preferred routes for roads, pipelines, drill sites and other infrastructure. This leads to multiple surveys being conducted throughout the lifecycle of a mining project. These redundant surveys result in tremendous costs,” said Tony Tubman, LSI President. “Airborne LiDAR provides an accurate, detailed base-map from which all preconstruction design and engineering can be done in the office by computer using CAD and GIS software. LiDAR Surveys eliminate redundant, expensive surveys, improves safety by sending fewer crews onsite to survey treacherous and inaccessible terrain, and improves decision making by utilizing the most accurate data for the project area,” said Tubman. Aerial LiDAR is accepted as the most efficient and cost-effective means to create precise topographic surveys.

The latest LiDAR technology is able to create very accurate 3D point clouds from which final deliverables such as contours, Digital Terrain Models (DTM), Digital Elevation Models (DEM), topographic features, planimetrics, 3D facility models, as-built drawings and detailed, accurate volumetric data are extracted. High-density, highly accurate LiDAR point-clouds provide rich survey data for detailed designs for open-pit slopes, waste dumps, rock piles, earth dam structures, slope stability assessments and provides valuable survey information for the design of earth structures, mine waste management, monitoring programs, mine closure planning, and tailings management. Please visit LiDAR Services International at PDAC booth #241 to discover how mining operations can save time, reduce costs and minimize risks by eliminating redundant surveying and mapping services by using advanced aerial LiDAR technology.

For more information, contact Roland Mangold at 720-934-2482, or visit

About LiDAR Services International:

LiDAR Services International (LSI) is a leader in airborne LiDAR services, performing engineering level LiDAR surveys across the globe from the high-Arctic to the jungles of Borneo, operating two helicopter-based LiDAR systems and one fixed-wing system. LSI recently opened their US subsidiary, LiDAR Services, LLC located in Las Vegas, Nevada. LSI celebrated 10 years of operations in 2012 and has provided specialized expertise in collecting high-density, highly accurate LiDAR and imagery data for mining, forestry, oil, gas, pipeline, engineering and electric transmission customers. What differentiates LSI from other mapping companies is their single-minded commitment to their client’s project. Their unequalled experience, technical expertise, innovation and customized service ensures their client’s complete satisfaction on every project.

Published Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

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