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LocationSmart Supports Wearable World Hackathon

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Friday, June 6th 2014

Wearable World is teaming up with American Airlines for the first wearable hack focusing on the connected traveler. American is excited to explore new touch points with its customers and partner with developers like you to bring your technology to market. Wearables will give travelers timely, unique data at the right time and place during their journey. New opportunities will also be opened thanks to in-flight Wi-Fi throughout all of American's aircraft. And, location is always key and it just got big in a micro way with American's aggressive beacon rollout to all its hub airports.

On June 6 and 7, join us in San Francisco with your team and work directly with American’s development team, hardware and API partners to create the next great wearable app/product. The hack will be held at 180 Townsend Street and will begin at 10 am on 6/6 and will conclude at 10 pm on 6/7. Partners include IBM, AT&T, Pebble, The Weather Channel, Avegant, MasterCard, Citibank, Nod Labs, San Francisco International Airport and many more. The venue will be lit up with Bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons, simulating intractable points throughout the journey! At the event, Gogo will have the same hardware and access point they use inflight, with APIs opened for the first time giving you tail number, speed, lat/long, altitude, origin, destination and more! LocationSmart will play a role with their Location APIs, providing the ability to locate travelers en route to the airport, at the airport and when they arrive at their destination. Geofences, iBeacon and Wi-Fi triggers enables real-time notification of arrivals and departures and the LocationSmart platform provides alerts to the passenger or airport personnel of traveler whereabouts.

On June 7, the top teams will be selected after fast-paced pitching to industry judges. They then go on to participate in the Live Round and work with American's customers in-flight on American's new Airbus A321T aircraft flying from SFO to JFK and back in July. Upon landing, American's top customers will participate in deciding your fate. If you come out on top you’ll get the opportunity to pitch to the American Airlines Technology Group and receive incubation sponsorship with Wearable World. Do you have the right stuff?

Awards include a load of great prizes (3D Printers, Tablets, etc.) and swag that will be given away throughout the event. In addition to the grand prizes, each team selected to participate in Round 2, will receive a CASH PRIZE.

1st Place

  • Opportunity to work with American's technology groups to refine their application
  • Wins an exclusive spot in the next Wearable World Labs ( program
  • 25,000 AAdvantage Miles to each team member*
  • Leaves with valuable gift bag containing some of the most innovative technology products on the market

2nd Place

  • Offered priority application to the next Wearable World Labs program
  • 10,000 AAdvantage Miles for each team member*
  • Leaves with valuable gift bag containing some of the most innovative technology products on the market

3rd Place

  • Offered priority application to the next Wearable World Labs program
  • Leaves with valuable gift bag containing some of the most innovative technology products on the market

*Miles will limited to a max of 5 individuals per team.

About LocationSmart
LocationSmart® is the worldwide Cloud Location Services market leader for connected devices. We provide the easiest and most comprehensive cross-carrier platform for local, hyper-local and context-aware application development. Our core location services span indoor and outdoor use across devices, platforms and carrier networks. Serving Fortune 500 customers, LocationSmart is changing the ways companies do business. We deliver the broadest reach and largest global footprint, with an extensive portfolio of privacy consent methods for easy user adoption.
Serving customers with direct carrier connections since 2010, LocationSmart is a division of TechnoCom Corporation. LocationSmart is the 2013 Mobile Merit Award winner for Mobile Cloud Solutions and 2013 Mobile Excellence Award winner for Best Mobile Delivery Platform.

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