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Personalized Landing Page for ArcGIS Online Users - Filter, Access, Engage

GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting, an Esri Business Partner, 2013 Organizational Use of ArcGIS Online Award winner, Esri Marketplace Provider, and one of the first  ArcGIS Online Specialty partners, unveiled mapfolio, to help organizations filter, access and engage ArcGIS Online organizations.  ArcGIS Online was created with complex dependencies that make it useful for power users and GIS administrators.  However, as more content is produced, it becomes increasingly difficult for casual information users to find the specific functional items (apps, maps, pdfs, etc.) they need.  mapfolio simplifies the user experience and filters content by only showing the groups and items they consume from a personalized landing page.

According to Neill Jobe, GEO-Jobe Senior Vice President, “mapfolio’s purpose was to support ArcGIS Online Administrators by creating an easier experience for their organization’s casual users.” ArcGIS Online was designed for users to see a variety of different groups, items and services that support all the necessary functional activities of specific items. Overtime, accounts become cluttered with items and services that the casual user does not need to access.  mapfolio simplifies the user experience by filtering the content so casual users can navigate to their items in less clicks and without confusion.  With mapfolio, users get in, get what they need and get out. Its that simple.

Currently, the app provides simple personalization as users can add their profile information to their organization’s banner.  According to Neill Jobe, Senior VP, this is only touching the surface of the functionality already in the works for future releases. You can request a 30-Day Free Trial of mapfolio from the ArcGIS Marketplacebefore stealing it for only $99/year.  

About GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting:  Since 1999, GEO-Jobe has been helping clients benefit from the power of GIS technology. Their experienced team of GIS and GPS experts and business partners have positioned the firm as a complete GIS service provider for Local and State Governments, Utilities, and Airports.   GEO-Jobe’s mission is to work with clients to identify opportunities where GIS technology can increase their operational efficiency and then implement solutions that capitalize on these opportunities.

Neill Jobe  |  Sr. Vice President  | GEO-Jobe GIS Consulting

Esri Certified Instructor, Certified Technical Trainer

1420 Donelson Pike  Ste. A-20  |  Nashville, TN 37217

(V) 615.883.0085  |  (F) 603.907.0718 | Twitter @NeillJobe

Published Saturday, January 18th, 2014

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