MDA Announces strategic Partnership with BlackBridge

MDA Information Systems LLC (MDA) announces a strategic partnership with BlackBridge to develop a change monitoring solution for RapidEye.

Combining MDA’s patented Persistent Change Monitoring (PCM™) technology which uses scale- and sensor- independent algorithms to detect change that persists over a period of time, such as new construction and other permanent changes in infrastructure, with BlackBridge’s multispectral RapidEye imagery, users can now locate small-scale changes down to 5 by 5 meters, enabling updates to cartographic datasets down to 1:5,000 scale.

Scott Douglass, BlackBridge’s product manager stated, “BlackBridge is committed to providing customers and partners with products that support their bottom-line. We want to find easier, more cost-effective ways to serve our partners and customers. RapidEye PCM™ is our response to our customer’s need for a simpler, less costly way to update cartographic datasets.” 

Noted Roger Mitchell, Senior Vice President of MDA Information Systems LLC, “With the launch of RapidEye PCM™, MDA Information Systems LLC and BlackBridge have an opportunity to make a significant breakthrough in geospatial productivity.”

About MDA Information Systems LLC

MDA Information Systems LLC is a U.S. company that provides efficient and advanced information solutions to government and commercial customers in three specialty areas. The Geospatial Solutions Division uses remote sensing, GIS, multi-source data, and large volume image and data processing technology to provide cutting edge intelligence and information products and analysis services.  The ISR Division leverages MDA’s world-leading multi-mission ground system experience to provide fixed and transportable remote sensing satellite ground systems.  The Weather Services Division has been providing unique weather information products and services for energy and agriculture applications for over 30 years.

About BlackBridge

BlackBridge is focused on providing end to end solutions across the geospatial value chain. This includes satellite operations, ground station services, data center and geocloud solutions, and worldwide satellite imagery distribution through over 100 BlackBridge partners, combined with the creation of value added products and services.  BlackBridge’s RapidEye products offer imagery collected from a constellation of five Earth Observation satellites, imaging up to five million square kilometers of earth every day, adding over one billion square kilometers of imagery to its archive every year.  Every square kilometer imaged can be browsed with its online discovery tool, EyeFind (

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Published Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

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