Navman Wireless Improves Temperature Monitoring Solutions

Navman Wireless, one of New Zealand’s leading GPS-based fleet-management solutions providers, offers a better way of tracking refrigerated trucks and fleets through its improved temperature monitoring solutions.

– Navman Wireless provides its clients with a better way of tracking their refrigerated transport fleets through temperature monitoring solutions. Businesses that utilise refrigerated trucks, vans, and other vehicles can now track their fleet better and monitor the temperature inside the refrigerated compartments through the company’s improved solutions. Fleet Tracking from A to B and °C Companies in the food and medical industry require specialised transport for their goods. Perishable food items need to be kept fresh and frozen during delivery, while certain medical supplies and products need to be stored at certain temperatures during transport. This is where Navman Wireless’s improved temperature monitoring system comes in handy. Specially developed for the refrigerated transport industry, the Navman Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution provides clients with real-time remote data capture of temperature in the refrigerated compartments of their fleet. This enables them to track and monitor the current whereabouts of their vehicles, as well as the current condition of the goods in transport, all while being in the comfort of their own offices. The company’s solution works in conjunction with telematics technology.

The system is designed to give business owners the complete visibility of the storage conditions to maximise fleet efficiency and simplify records, while doing everything possible to ensure temperature-controlled goods are delivered to customers on time and in good condition. Complete Monitoring and Tracking The Navman Wireless Temperature Monitoring Solution can send temperature data from multiple compartments within a vehicle or trailer in the client’s fleet. It sends alerts triggered by out-of-range conditions: If temperature crosses a high or low threshold, or if temperature deviates from a designated value. This allows the managers to identify and deal with the problems as soon they occur. Temperature probes will be installed within the vehicle compartments and connected to the Qube tracking device. This cold chain management works with a two-way tracking system: via satellite and GSM through any internet ready device.The data will be collected and sent to Navman Wireless’s OnlineAVL2 software. It gives clients the whole picture including the exact date, time, location and vehicle information, even how long a door has been open and, therefore, interrupted the refrigeration of the goods.

About Navman Wireless

Navman Wireless is a global leader in the GPS-based fleet-management solutions industry. The company specialises in tracking, two-way messaging, and integrated satellite navigation systems that all aim to improve the margins of more than 15,500 customers across four continents.Navman Wireless is all about technology and solutions that work. For more information about the company, its products and services, visit their website at

Published Tuesday, February 18th, 2014

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