New Javascript Earth API allows a 3D interactive Earth map on any website or app

London, UK, 21 March 2014 - Most people online are familiar with the Earth software applications from Google, however up until now, it hasn't been possible to put these kind of maps onto a public facing website, without requiring visitors to download software. Today, a new 3D Earth visualization tool, written completely in Javascript has been released by AtomJump that addresses this issue, and lets any web or mobile developer release their own 3D globe maps.

The ability to put an interactive globe map of e.g. company office locations on your own website, has been limited in the past. This is because the tools have used either:

1. Plugin technology, which requires a download and only supports some platforms

2. Flash, which is not widely supported on tablets and mobile devices

3. Or WebGL, a technology which is experimental and available on 60% of user's browsers

The AtomJump Earth API is developed in pure Javascript, the language that browsers understand natively, and doesn't require a download, WebGL, or any special browser.

"I'm always looking for something different and exciting with maps and the revolving globe is definitely that. The fact it is interactive gives it instant appeal and underlines its usefulness as a practical tool and not just a clever extra to a website" says Alan Smith of Global Mapping.

Developed by AtomJump, the Javascript library is hosted and served on the Amazon server farm, and is available immediately to integrate as an HTML snippet into a 3rd party website/mobile application. More advanced Javascript hooks are available for Javascript developers.

"Technically, our aim is to support more than 99% of a site's visitors immediately," says Peter Abrahamson, the API's developer. "This means, we cover the complete range of browsers from as far back as Internet Explorer 7 on the desktop, up to the mobile browsers on Android, iPhone and iPad."

The AtomJump Earth API is available from:

There is a bandwidth pricing model for the API, although it is free to use if data downloaded is less than 10GB per month. A bandwidth & hosting fee of 25 pence per GB is in place for commercial sites. There are also opportunities for charitable, and public benefit organisations to make use of the API on a case by case basis.

About AtomJump:

AtomJump Ltd. is a leading web tools firm. It's lead developer was co-responsible for the original 3D mapping browser 'Mobile Maps' in 1997, and the world's first keyword local search engine which is now available as an open source project from

Published Monday, May 19th, 2014

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