New UrtheCast Cameras Approved For NASA Segment Of ISS

In partnership with NanoRacks, and with approval from NASA, UrtheCast aims to expand its Earth imagery and video stream by developing and operating two additional cameras on the NASA segment of the International Space Station. 

“This is precisely the type of project that was envisioned when Congress declared the ISS as a National Lab. Being both educational and scientifically focused, these sensors will help augment NASA’s efforts to more fully utilize the International Space Station as a National Lab, while enabling more commercial stakeholders to participate. We’re looking forward to working with both NanoRacks and UrtheCast as we see this project through to completion,” stated Michael Read, NASA manager of the ISS National Lab Office.
“This is certainly a significant advancement of UrtheCast’s business plan,” explained UrtheCast CEO, Scott Larson. “Having additional sensors on the International Space Station not only mitigates our technology risk, but also adds to our current suite of cameras aboard the Station, improving upon the quality and quantity of data that we can offer our customers — for everything ranging from scientific research to resource monitoring.” Added Larson: “This initiative reflects our belief in the International Space Station as an ideal platform for Earth Observation.”

The cameras and their components are scheduled to launch to the ISS in 2016, and we anticipate that the data will be available in 2017.

UrtheCast Imagery Now Available For Purchase

What's more, UrtheCast also announced today that its medium-resolution camera, Theia, is now capable of commercial imaging.

“Successful completion of the MRC’s commissioning phase is a significant milestone for our team. We’re extremely grateful for the hard work of the engineering teams at UrtheCaast, Energia, and Roscosmos. This is another testament to how well these teams continue to work together,” commented UrtheCast’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. George Tyc. 
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Published Friday, July 18th, 2014

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