OMG brings Computer Vision Technology for Visualizing Highways Assets to US Highways

OMG plc, the company behind motion capture technology used in the medical and movie industries, is set to transform the management of North American highways with a range of innovations from its highways technology arm Yotta DCL. At a special event held in Washington DC (the Transport Research Board 92nd AGM 13-17 January 2013), Yotta DCL will launch Horizons, its innovative web-based software that enables a real-world view - and efficient management - of every aspect of the highway, and demonstrate how it uses OMG’s cutting edge computer vision technology for visualizing highways assets.

The event will be held at the Washington Marriott Wardman Park Hotel Exhibit Hall and attendees are invited to visit Yotta DCL at Booth 3207 to learn more about the company’s highway surveying services and cutting-edge web-based technology.

Nick Bolton, CEO of OMG, said: “Horizons is proving a big hit with highways authorities in the UK. Sales have dramatically increased in the last year, especially in the last six months. We are confident that this is a solution that would suit US highways operators too and this event gives delegates a great opportunity to find out how they can benefit from Horizons to greatly improve their highways asset management.”

Yotta DCL will also showcase its Tempest Capture Vehicle for the first time in the USA. Tempest is used for vehicle-based electronic surveying to provide accuracy and speedy results on any highway type, whether a fast moving freeway or a smaller street. The vehicles are based on an integrated platform that can carry various combinations of sensors including specialized digital cameras, lasers and ground-penetrating radar to capture images of highways assets together with surface defects to give accurate data on condition and inventory without the need for multiple surveys. The vehicles are also equipped with powerful software for survey planning, on-board data capture and post-processing.

At the event, Simon Topp, Business Development Director for Yotta DCL, will present a European perspective on how highways are maintained and managed better with clever technology and Yotta DCL’s consultancy services. Simon Topp joined the company in 2007 and spent his first year pioneering new surveying methodology within the highways industry. He has worked with many Local Authorities in the UK over the last three years helping develop their asset management and maintenance strategies.

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Published Friday, January 11th, 2013

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