OmniEarth Completes Acquisition of IRISmaps

Positioning Company for Accelerated Growth and Enhancing Analytics Product Offerings

On August 29, 2014, OmniEarth Incorporated completed its acquisition of IRISmaps, Inc. in a stock-for-stock transaction. IRIS provides customized, cloud-based solutions that integrate Earth imagery with geospatial and business data to enable organizations to access information, analyze it, and take action to solve business problems quickly and effectively. The combined companies will be led by OmniEarth CEO, Lars Dyrud.

“We’re very excited about bringing IRIS into our team. The capabilities they bring will enable OmniEarth to deliver our value-added data stream to subscribers as soon as our constellation goes live”

“We’re very excited about bringing IRIS into our team. The capabilities they bring will enable OmniEarth to deliver our value-added data stream to subscribers as soon as our constellation goes live,” said Dyrud. “IRIS also brings a portfolio of off-the-shelf products that provide the customer focused analytics platform that is crucial for turning data into insight.”

IRIS’ portfolio includes asset and environmental monitoring products that have been deployed at major agriculture and energy companies, and in the public sector. Dyrud sees this as a natural fit for OmniEarth, which is focusing its initial business offerings on underserved markets like agriculture and energy. With the IRIS acquisition, OmniEarth will be well-positioned to deliver solutions that will inform all phases of energy exploration and development. Specifically, the company plans to continue IRIS’ energy portfolio products, such as high consequence area monitoring and thermal steam cycle analysis, as well as establish new ones that combine the talents of the IRIS software developers with rich data fusion and analytics enabled by the planned OmniEarth constellation.

About OmniEarth

OmniEarth improves our subscribers’ ability to visualize the world around them by enhancing their ability to see, analyze, and react to change in real time. Through a constant stream of geoinformatics, OmniEarth subscribers always have access to imagery and derived information products from any location on Earth – on demand and over time. Our desire to investigate unanswered questions about our changing planet has led us to produce a reliable, constant data stream and enhanced decision-making tools for subscribers in the agriculture, energy, civil and military markets … and everyone else who wants to better understand Earth.

Published Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

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