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OpenStreetMap U.S. Announces Second Map-a-thon, Operation Cowboy

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Wednesday, November 14th 2012
OpenStreetMap | Washington DC


Yearly event brings OSM members together for marathon mapping


WASHINGTON, D.C.-November 14, 2012-The U.S. chapter of OpenStreetMap, the worldwide open-source mapping project, has announced that its second annual map-a-thon, called Operation Cowboy, will take place Nov. 23-25, 2012.


This year's map-a-thon will focus on the United States, with mappers from all over the world doing fix-ups on U.S. streets and roads, particularly in areas that have not been edited yet. is a global volunteer effort to create a fee and open map of the world. The project has more than 900,000 contributor working around the Earth. OSM has developed sophisticated software and easy-to-use mapping interfaces that enable all kinds of mappers, from first-timers to experienced professionals, to contribute.

Operation Cowboy is a global "map-a-thon," an all-night marathon during the Nov. 23-25 weekend, where local mappers come together, in person or online,  to create and edit the OpenStreetMap. With lots of munchies, plenty of coffee, and even a beer or two, the event has a party atmosphere. But, at the same time, it is an important opportunity for OpenStreetMappers to get to now each other and share their knowledge.


Experienced mappers will be available at Operation Cowboy events to offer guidance and to show newcomers how they can make valuable contributions to OpenStreetMap.


Past map-a-thons, such as last year's Night of the Living Maps, made significant contributions to the map, such as marking bus routes and adding parks.


About the U.S. Chapter of


The United States Chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation is dedicated to improving the growth, availability and accuracy of open-source geospatial information in the United States. To achieve that important goal the U.S. Chapter, incorporated in April 2010, is working to promote and develop in the United States, and to conduct exciting new mapping projects with a focus on the United States. Formore information, visit


About (OSM) creates and provides free geographic data, such as street maps, for anyone to use. Most maps considered "free" actually have legal or technical restrictions that hold back their use in new creative or productive ways.


OpenStreetMap launched in the fall of 2004 in London. Since then the organization has grown to more than 500,000 volunteer members worldwide. Almost daily there are meetings and new projects initiated by OSM members worldwide. In January of 2010, OSM started a special project to provide critical mapping data to support the emergency efforts following the earthquake in Haiti, a project that continues today. And, after the March 2011 tsunami in Japan OSM stepped in again to provide critical mapping data to emergency responders and government organizations.


For more information, please visit the OSM Press Portal (

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