Ordnance Survey launches its 2014 graduate recruitment scheme


Feb 10, 2014 - Ordnance Survey’s graduate recruitment scheme has launched, offering seven graduates the opportunity to lead the way on developing innovative and inspirational solutions for digital data.

As Great Britain's national mapping authority, Ordnance Survey collects, maintains and distributes the most accurate and up-to-date geographic information (GI) of the whole country. Their graduate recruitment scheme, now in its third year, is recruiting seven specialist graduates to meet the rising demand for their digital data, that is relied upon by government, business and individuals.

With their highly detailed and accurate database storing an incredible 450 million features from the landscape of Great Britain, Ordnance Survey map data is in high demand. From supporting the emergency services with essential road network information, to creating scale maps of the country for keen Minecraft gamers and providing paper maps and digital apps for outdoor-loving walkers and cyclists, Ordnance Survey are always looking for new and innovative uses for their data.

Ordnance Survey's Head of Human Resources, Nadine Prior, explains: "This year we've expanded our graduate scheme and we are looking for seven exceptional, results driven graduates to push the boundaries of what we do, challenge our thinking, develop our people and help us create the products and services of tomorrow.

"We recognise that not all graduates will have a clear idea of where to take their careers and for the first time, for five of our roles, our scheme offers the chance to work in several key business areas alongside our specialists, developing skills and knowledge. At the end of the two- year programme, we will help our five graduates decide where their passion and skills fit best in our organisation and find them the right career at Ordnance Survey.

"For those already decided on their career path, we have two graduate trainee positions in Human Resources and Policy and Engagement."

Working at the organisation's Southampton head office, the recruits will undergo a two-week induction and structured learning path before moving into their new roles. The starting salary for each role is £22,216, with the potential to rise to £26,000 plus. To apply for a role, graduates should visit Ordnance Survey's website: www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/graduates

Published Monday, February 10th, 2014

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