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Many marketing analysts are dependent on potentially seamless data and digital maps for their work endeavors. They have to gauge how the distribution of different customer types is present and then draft strategies for marketing their services and products. They have to ascertain as to which regions are providing them growth in terms of revenue and what is the potential for yearly turnover there. They have to also check how they can ensure that all their customers are attended to correctly.

All these aspects have increased the prominence of Geo-Marketing across continents. Geo-Marketing as a term is rather a new discipline that has emerged within the domain of marketing analysis. Hence, there are few who are aware about the implementation and have expertise over it. One such software that is at the forefront of this discipline is RegioGraph.

RegioGraph is a product of GFK Geomarketing and has already spread its wings across continents. With such wide reach, the company sought to appoint a reputed reseller via whom they can market the software. This is how RegioGraph-Shop comes into picture.

Geo-Marketing as the term suggests is the use of geographic data for implementation and planning of activities related to marketing. This takes a deeper look and provides insights about peculiarities for specific geographical regions and intends to incorporate conclusions into marketing activity designs. This is done by customizing the actual needs pertaining to the different regions. The method utilizes Geographic information systems or GIS along with data that has geographical context.

RegioGraph allows the companies to exploit the potential markets based on locations and their peculiarities. RegioGraph – Shop has the sole intention of reaching out to such companies for aiding in their marketing endeavors.

The promoters of quoted that “ Our company focuses on serving clients better and hence we have in possession all the current RegioGraph software version produced by GFK Geomarketing. You can find version right from the entry-level which focus on analysis to the high end versions that aid planning.”

When you consider the contribution margin annually provided by different locations, it becomes crystal clear that when you focus exclusively on the peculiarities of varied locations that have high growth potential, this will substantially raise the ROI along with the annual turnover for branches in these locations. Further, if there are no branches in these regions, then you can even get an idea about having one.

RegioGraph-shop as a company has immense expertise and experience of serving clients from the marketing domain. It is a trusted entity for provision of relevant consumer and market information. This renders their clients with perfect insights to make smart market judgments. By including RegioGraph software from GFK Geomarketing to their stable, RegioGraph-Shop has added icing to the cake. Companies can completely rely on them to offer quality service and enhanced support.

You can easily say that RegioGraph-shop is the one stop solution for all product versions of the software from GFK. You can get in touch with the company at +49 2562 9922503 or visit their website at for knowing more.

Published Friday, May 30th, 2014

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