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Research and Markets: Global Digital Map Market 2014-2018 with Apple, AutoNavi, Google, HERE, Micello, NavInfo & TomTom Dominating

DUBLIN, Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Global Digital Map Market 2014-2018" report to their offering.

The Global Digital Map market will grow at a CAGR of 9.37% over the period 2013-2018.

One of the main drivers in this market is the increasing use of advanced technologies for surveying and making digital maps. In recent years, the Global Digital Map market has been witnessing changes in the use of technology to survey the Earth constants and remote areas to develop maps. Previously, surveying was done by optical and mechanical instruments such as steel meters, levels, and theodolites. The mechanical and optical process of surveying has now been replaced by more advanced surveying techniques and equipment such as motorized total stations and GPS.

The Global Digital Map market has witnessed three stages of growth since its inception. The first stage was the introduction of digital maps, the second stage was the increase in coverage of digital maps and updates in a few days or months. The recent growth stage is the adoption of map content on a real-time basis.

Most of the traditional map providers such as HERE, TomTom, and AutoNavi provide map updates for a minimum of few days or months. The leading crowdsourcing map providers such as Google and OpenStreetMaps provide maps for a few days only. However, recently, some innovative map providers have been developing real-time map updates based on the crowdsourcing model, in which the map content can be updated by the user on a real-time basis. For instance, if a user updates about a road blockage due to a small construction, then this update can be accessed by many other users. Due to the increasing adoption of real-time digital maps, Google has acquired Weze, one of the leading real-time map API providers.

Further, the report states that one of the major challenges in the market is the increasing adoption of free crowdsourcing digital maps. This is because of the changing requirements of users and the failure of the leading license map providers to provide updates and innovative digital maps.

Key Vendors

  • Apple Inc.
  • AutoNavi Holdings Ltd.
  • Google Inc.
  • HERE (Nokia Corp.)
  • Micello Inc.
  • NavInfo Co. Ltd.
  • TomTom NV


Key Topics Covered:

01. Executive Summary

02. List of Abbreviations

03. Scope of the Report

04. Market Research Methodology

05. Introduction

06. Market Landscape

07. Market Segmentation by Usage

08. Market Segmentation by Usage

09. Geographical Segmentation

10. Buying Criteria

11. Market Growth Drivers

12. Drivers and their Impact

13. Market Challenges

14. Impact of Drivers and Challenges

15. Market Trends

16. Trends and their Impact

17. Vendor Landscape

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Published Friday, April 11th, 2014

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