Roadnet Technologies launches MobileCast App on Android smartphone platform

Roadnet Technologies, the Baltimore-based vehicle routing and transportation management software company, has launched its MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software on the Android™ smartphone operating system.

According to recent research, the popularity and overall use of Android mobile devices outpaces all other mobile operating systems worldwide by a factor of approximately five to one. The Roadnet Technologies MobileCast vehicle GPS tracking software enables companies to see a fleet’s transportation routes in real-time, combined with the ability to make changes to particular routes based on occurring events or conditions, such as traffic or the needs of customers. Specific advantages include the ability to respond to real-time data collected throughout the day that effect route plans; managing by exception, which allows the user to view exact locations of the drivers and to respond to unexplained stops; and providing pro-active customer service.

The new MobileCast Android smartphone application provides customers enhanced functionality and ease-of-use on a device substantially more compact than typical rugged mobile computer handheld devices. The clean, modern-looking mobile application leverages standard Android-specific features to make use easy and intuitive, while also allowing for use on mobile computer tablets. The MobileCast Android solution for smartphones is a straightforward proof-of-delivery application provided by Roadnet Technologies, and offers every basic piece of information needed for a paperless delivery system. The mobile application allows drivers to review their daily routes, complete stop surveys, examine stop information, record arrival and departure times, complete stop reconciliation, add delivery receipt information and mark stops as undeliverable. Roadnet has also taken advantage of integrating other Google Android technology such as voice navigation and traffic in order to provide a complete solution for delivery.

“The integration of MobileCast on the Android platform is in direct response to our customer’s requirement for a flexible, high-functioning and user-friendly operating system that is easily upgradable,” stated Len Kennedy, CEO of Roadnet Technologies. “The Android smartphone is rapidly building market share based on its larger display screens, customized desktops and numerous keyboard options, and perfectly complements our vehicle GPS tracking software package,” he added. Since 1983 Roadnet Technologies has been a worldwide provider of fleet management software tools and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a broad range of industries such as foodservice, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. Roadnet’s fleet management applications and logistics software provides strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management, and real-time vehicle GPS tracking. For additional information about Roadnet Technologies’ suite of logistics technology products visit The company can be contacted at

Published Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

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