Roadnet Technologies Launches New Cloud-Based Vehicle Routing and Dispatch Solution

New Application Puts Simple yet Powerful Logistics into the Hands of Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

Roadnet Technologies, the leader in logistics software and technology, is changing the game for small and mid-sized businesses with the release of its new web-based software solution, Roadnet Anywhere. This new solution will make it easy for small to mid-sized organizations to develop efficient routes and track them throughout the day. Roadnet Anywhere can be deployed in days without any hardware and with very low upfront costs.

Roadnet Anywhere utilizes powerful algorithms that create the most efficient pick-up and delivery routes possible. Businesses can customize and adjust routes in real-time and changes are pushed to, and, reflected automatically in the driver’s mobile app. Companies that are considered mid-size can now access the same kinds of systems Roadnet’s Fortune 500 clients have been using for decades.

“This is a big step in reaching a larger market and providing the best products that fit the needs of businesses with smaller fleets,” said Len Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Roadnet Technologies. “Small to mid-sized businesses are challenged with finding routing and GPS tracking solutions that are scaled to meet their business needs. Roadnet Anywhere is the perfect solution for these businesses. It is designed to provide a quick and easy way for companies to improve efficiency, while at the same time increasing levels of customer service. ”

While simple to use, the software provides powerful features such as the ability to choose from multiple routing approaches and the ability to eliminate roads that have construction or weight restrictions. Additionally, the Roadnet Anywhere software comes with a broad array of analytics that give users the ability to monitor their resources in real time and ensure their routes are efficient and meet desired customer service levels.

Roadnet Anywhere’s flexibility allows users to choose from a “routing only” option, or a “routing and dispatch” option. In other words, clients can determine if their priority is planning deliveries and orders, dispatching and managing drivers on the road, or in most cases, both. Through simple yet powerful reporting, managers are able to establish incentives based on performance and adherence to the suggested route.


About Roadnet, an Omnitracs Company

Since 1983 Roadnet Technologies has been a worldwide provider of fleet and mobile management software and GPS tracking solutions for hundreds of thousands of vehicles in a broad range of industries such as foodservice, beverage, paper, medical, waste management, textile and energy. Roadnet’s fleet and mobile management software provides strategic territory and street-level route plans, multi-stop vehicle routing and scheduling, wireless dispatch, vehicle telematics, fuel management, and real-time vehicle GPS tracking.

Roadnet Technologies is a division of Omnitracs. For additional information about Roadnet Technologies’ suite of logistics technology products visit The company can be contacted at

About Omnitracs

Omnitracs is the leading provider of fleet management solutions including software applications, information services, and hardware platforms for private and for-hire fleets. The company's intuitive technologies including solutions for safety and compliance, fuel efficiency, driver retention, fleet productivity, GPS fleet tracking, and fleet maintenance, enable customers to solve common fleet problems and achieve their business objectives. Having pioneered the telematics industry more than 25 years ago as a business unit of Qualcomm, today, Omnitracs continues to serve more than  2,500 private and for-hire fleet customers and 270,000 vehicles throughout North American and Latin America.  For more information, please visit

Published Saturday, March 15th, 2014

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