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Safe Software Releases FME 2013

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Tuesday, January 15th 2013
Safe Software, Inc. | Vancouver, BC Canada

Safe Software Releases FME 2013

New FME Version Simplifies Data Transformation by Introducing New Capabilities, Formats, and Tools

Vancouver, BC, January 15, 2013 - Safe Software, the leader in spatial data transformation technology, today announced the release of both FME 2013 Desktop and Server versions. This latest version of FME offers new ways to overcome interoperability challenges and also new possibilities of what can be achieved with data, plus usability and performance improvements that promise to improve productivity.

Support for Over 300 Data Formats
FME 2013 adds support for 28 new formats across point cloud/LiDAR, 3D, raster, database, vector and XML, bringing the total to over 300 supported data formats. This continued growth gives users the ability to use and share an increasing range of data.

Notable new formats include the ASTM E57 point cloud format, X3D, Autodesk IMX, PostGIS raster, SpatiaLite, Salesforce, and many more.

Enhanced Support for 3D and Point Cloud Data
FME 2013 facilitates easier manipulation of point cloud datasets, allowing them to be used to their full potential. For example new point cloud transformer tools enable these massive datasets to be consumed, analyzed, and filtered based on users' criteria to extract only the information that's required.

The new version also introduces new 3D transformation tools that provide additional ways to manipulate and combine data so that output data produces more realistic models in 3D visualization applications. For example, a new set of tools allows you to combine various components into one more informative 3D structure for enhanced analysis in 3D modeling applications.

"The use of 3D and point cloud data is increasingly becoming more common," says Dale Lutz, Vice President of Development at Safe Software. "By introducing support for more formats and new transformation capabilities, we aim to help our clients take better advantage of these rich datasets within their everyday projects."

Streamlined Transformation Processes
FME 2013 also includes many enhancements to make it easier to transform data in powerful new ways.

For example, geometry validation tasks have been simplified with FME 2013's new GeometryValidator transformer tool, which provides a seamless way for users to validate and repair erroneous 2D and 3D data.

Other improvements and additions include: automatic reading and writing of zipped files, speedier writing for most common raster formats, and the ability to create Esri shape datasets with spatial indexes that load more quickly into ArcGIS.

FME Desktop 2013
FME Desktop, the conduit to FME technology, features usability enhancements designed to make it easier to navigate and configure workflows. One noteworthy addition is the new "Smart Delete" function, which automatically repairs connections between transformers when one is deleted.

Other changes in FME Desktop 2013 include improved zoom control, new shortcuts for faster execution of common functions, and faster displaying of results in the log window.

FME Server 2013
FME Server introduces new capabilities that further enhance automated data access and distribution.

New functions of the FME Server Notification Service offer a heightened level of automation. Through its event-driven architecture, the service is able to receive and process data in real-time through a variety of mechanisms, make instant intelligent decisions, and then send data notifications to nearly any web application or mobile device.

"The FME Server Notification Service now includes support for leading web and mobile protocols including HTTP Post, Apple Push, and Google Cloud Messaging," says Don Murray, President of Safe Software. "This expansion of support gives organizations more options when using FME Server as a hub to automatically receive data from anywhere, transform it, and then send it to whomever needs it."

Other new features in FME Server 2013 include a new and improved web user interface for easier navigation and simpler integration with FME Desktop and third-party applications.

Discover More About FME 2013
Those interested in learning more about FME 2013 are encouraged to visit:

Safe Software will also be hosting two different series of events that cover what's great in FME 2013. In January, Safe will host a series of launch webinars, and in Spring 2013 Safe will host the FME World Tour 2013, which features FME events in 40+ cities worldwide.

About Safe Software and FME
Safe Softwareis the maker of FME and the pioneering global leader in spatial data transformation technology. FME empowers users to confidently transform data so it can be used and shared - where, when and how it's needed. Available in seven languages, FME's unmatched transformation capabilities and support for 300+ spatial and non-spatial formats enables you to quickly overcome data challenges so you can focus on your objectives. Discover why organizations and leading vendors worldwide rely on FME to quickly overcome barriers to using and sharing data.

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