San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee Unveils Neighborhood Score iPhone App at Conference of Mayors

Mobile app from San Francisco start-up, Appallicious uses government data to visualize and improve community health through government transparency; Provides San Francisco residents, local government leaders with neighborhood ranking scores, access to massive amounts of data, right from their smartphone 

Las Vegas, NV – Today, San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee unveiled a new mobile application from Appallicious, the San Francisco based start-up behind San Francisco’s Rec & Park app, featured by the US Department of Energy, and named one of the 7 open data apps every city should have by Mashable. Appallicious’ new Neighborhood Score app uses open data to create a first-of-its-kind rating system for every neighborhood in the City of San Francisco. Appallicious worked closely with both the Mayor’s office, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health to create Neighborhood Score. The new app makes information about neighborhood health easily accessible to residents and demonstrates the power of open government data to advance community health through government transparency. Neighborhood Score has the potential to inform consumer and real estate market decisions while also advocating for healthier communities and environmental justice.

“Open data policies are a win-win for everyone involved, leading to more efficient government, greater transparency, and better communication between residents and City leaders,” said San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee. “I encourage other mayors to learn more about how to make their cities more innovative and benefit from open data policies and partnerships with innovative companies like Appallicious.”

Mayor Lee launched the app at the 81st annual US Conference of Mayors, during his Technology and Innovation Task Force panel, which included California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom, and Appallicious Co-Founder Yo Yoshida, and other mayors from throughout the country. Along with Neighborhood Score, Mayor Lee and Code For America also announced a new housing open data feed, the Home Facts Data Standard that provides housing information for residents in San Francisco. Neighborhood Score is the first app to be built off this feed – it is expected many more apps will be created from this feed similar to apps being created from the Open311 API (the first API in government).

“Appallicious is excited to unveil the Neighborhood Score app with Mayor Lee at the US Conference of Mayors. San Francisco is a leader in the open data movement, and the success of civic start-ups like Appallicious is a testament to the leadership of Mayor Lee, the SFDPH Environmental Health and the City of San Francisco’s forward thinking open data policies,” said Yo Yoshida, co-founder of Appallicious. “Neighborhood Score makes it easy to see which neighborhoods are thriving, and how elected officials can better serve target areas that need improvement or more resources. The application will also help increase accountability by allowing residents and local leaders to see how programs are performing and resources are being utilized in their neighborhood.”

Neighborhood Score utilizes 20 open data sets, collected from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as private data feeds (full list of feeds listed below). The application then compiles the data into a 100-point rating score, displayed as a heat map on your iPhone. Through the app, residents are able to see how their neighborhoods rank, down to the city block, regarding public safety, quality of schools, crime rates, air quality, walkability, access to public transportation, and much more. This transformative application provides residents with access to massive amounts of data about their neighborhood in an easy-to-use format, right at their fingertips.

“We have seen the enormous potential for what’s possible in the dynamic public-private partnerships between Appallicious and the City of San Francisco,” said Chairman Ron Conway. “When local governments open up their data, entrepreneurs and innovative companies are able to synthesize it into a platform that any citizen with a mobile device can access. San Francisco is once again moving the open data movement forward with its housing feed and the Neighborhood Score app.”


Mayor Lee has been a staunch supporter for open data policies since his days as City Administrator, when he helped start the city’s Gov 2.0 efforts by managing the city’s one-stop data clearinghouse, Last year, Yoshida joined with the Mayor, Supervisor David Chiu and San Francisco Rec & Park GM Phil Ginsburg to introduce the city’s revised open data legislation and launch the San Francisco Rec & Park app. And earlier this year, Yoshida spoke before the Government Audit and Oversight Committee advocating for the passage of San Francisco’s open data law. Among other reforms, the legislation allows San Francisco to appoint a new Chief Data Officer (CDO) as well as department-level Data Coordinators throughout the city.
Neighborhood Score can easily be replicated and licensed anywhere in the country, provided that cities have made their data accessible to the public and companies like Appallicious. The application is fully customizable for any city in the United States, and takes weeks, not months to create.
The Neighborhood Score app will be available to download for free in Apple’s app store next week and is featured in the City’s DataSF App Showcase. The app will soon be available for different phone operating systems including Android™, and web mobile.


View the Neighborhood Score app here:

View the Neighborhood Score app and other civic apps in DataSF App Showcase:

View the Home Facts Data Standard here:

View the City of San Francisco’s Open Data Legislation:


About Appallicious: Appallicious ( has created a first-of-its-kind mobile commerce platform, which allows government and business to create and manage their own custom mobile apps and generate new revenue through ticketing, reservations, merchandising, permitting and more via mobile devices and web widgets. The Skipitt™ Platform enables government and business to generate revenue by leveraging your existing customer base and extending it via mobile. Appallicious is based in San Francisco, CA and is a Silicon Valley Innovation Summit A0250 to Watch Winner.

Published Monday, June 24th, 2013

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