skobbler launches ForeverMap 2 travel app for iOS showcasing NGx

Unique mapping technology with true hybrid (online and offline) functionality is unlike anything else on the market

NO other digital map offers all of this, making ForeverMap 2 the ultimate app for travellers:

·                     TRUE hybrid mapping - all features of ForeverMap 2 are available both online and offline

·                     Avoid low-signal lag, data and roaming charges with entire countries and continents, not just cities, downloadable for seamless browsing on portable devices

·                     Perform searches, routing for pedestrians, bikes and cars and choose from a range of unique map styles online and offline

·                     Ultra-fast search and zoom means no waiting for grid-based maps to update

·                     With ForeverMap 2 there are no hidden costs - buy once, and use it for a lifetime with all online and offline maps included


Berlin, Germany, 2ndMay 2013: skobbler, innovators in modern hybrid mapping solutions, has pushed the boundaries of digital mapping once again with the release of ForeverMap 2 on iOS for the iPhone and iPad. Based on the world's most powerful mapping engine, skobbler NGx, ForeverMap 2 allows users to benefit from TRUE hybrid online and offline mapping capabilities through the wildly popular OpenStreetMap, making it the most flexible and reliable travel companion on the market.

skobbler is able to deliver an app that offers genuine benefits for travellers over other market-leading alternatives such as Google Maps and CityMaps 2Go. Google Maps is great online, but offers very little offline functionality, as it cannot perform any search or routing tasks without an internet connection. Most travel map apps like CityMaps2Go offer hundreds or even thousands of city downloads that are not seamlessly integrated in one map and often involve very large data packages. They usually have no online mode and no routing capabilities.

ForeverMap 2 addresses all of the weaknesses of these alternatives with a true hybrid mapping solution, ensuring both OpenStreetMap maps and all of the key features of the software are available at any place, at any time. Where a multitude of selectable downloadable content (e.g. individual cities) can be difficult to manage, and data-heavy online maps are of limited use while roaming abroad or in low-signal areas, ForeverMap 2 provides a seamless one-map-of-the-world experience with optional offline access to entire countries. It redefines versatility by including routing for pedestrians, bikes and cars online and offline. It also contains a range of unique map styles to, for example, accentuate colour density for outdoor use to improve clarity - again, both online and offline. All of this is delivered using ultrafast real-time rendering to make maps infinitely browsable with no empty loading tiles when panning or zooming. There are no additional costs within the app. With ForeverMap 2, users benefit from worldwide online and offline maps, including full countries (not just cities) and regular updates at no extra cost.

"Over the last year we've seen alternative mapping solutions lacking features that are essential to consumers," says skobbler CTO Philipp Kandal. "We know that modern users want one map that handles all of their needs, and we believe we've delivered this with a genuinely innovative hybrid solution based on the popular, rich and dynamic OpenStreetMap. In addition to benefits for consumers, GeOS makes adopting OSM a real possibility for businesses who are looking for a more flexible or less expensive solution. ForeverMap 2 for iOS is a great way to showcase what our GeOS package can do. "

ForeverMap 2 is made possible thanks to skobbler's GeOS SDK, which has the powerful NGx map engine at its core. It allows both web-based and mobile service providers to replace incumbent map solutions that lack such a rich array of functionality. In many ways, skobbler NGx is the most advanced map technology in the world. Providing fluid, high-performance implementation, it allows maps to remain fully customisable with control over features such as online/offline functionality, map display (style and zoom), routing, map matching and more.

GeOS is a response to both consumer and market feedback that looks to bring the benefits of OpenStreetMap to a wider audience, and has already attracted interest from a number of well-known companies in both web and mobile sectors. Offering unparalleled flexibility and performance, it offers real food for thought for companies looking to utilise mapping through an online or mobile service and are perhaps unsatisfied with their current solution.

"We are thrilled to finally see GeOS and NGx go live in one of our own Apple products," says Kandal. "With its unique styling, performance and hybrid capabilities this is a big leap forward and an important milestone for our company. When you put so much effort into a project designed specifically for the needs of real users, it's always exciting to see how they will respond."

Consumers and developers can see the benefits on offer from skobbler's unique approach in action with the latest version of ForeverMap 2, available from the Apple App Store. Priced at 1.99 GBP, it includes regular updates with no in-app purchases or additional fees.

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About skobbler

Founded in 2008, Berlin-based skobbler ( is one of the premier players in mobile location-aware services. With over 3 million apps sold on iOS alone, skobbler has regularly topped overall and category app charts in numerous countries, leading the way in the development of location technology and end consumer products based on the OpenStreetMap. This experience also facilitates skobbler's development projects for third parties. Based on the skobbler GeOS map access technology, companies can base their location-aware web or mobile services on the OpenStreetMap.


Published Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

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