SpatialTEQ Releases Map Business Online 2.60-2 with Interactive Map Sharing

– Map publisher SpatialTEQ today announced Interactive Map Sharing is now available within Map Business Online (MBO), providing sales and marketing professionals with the ability to communicate more effectively through shared map visualizations of users’ business data. is a web-based mapping tool for large enterprises, small businesses, and non-profits.

Interactive Map Sharing is now automatically available to paid subscribers and includes several new and advanced features requested by many professional users: • Save created map files and share business intelligence with constituents for better resource and sales planning • Import user business data and share interactive and searchable map visualizations • Conduct spatial searches on shared business data associated with target areas • Save maps as map templates and support a more efficient work-flow • Access previously imported map source data sets immediately from within the web map application server MBO Interactive Sharing provides up to 100 map views per month to be shared among designated map-team viewers.

Applications for map sharing include marketing campaign planning for small businesses, resource location sharing for medical/emergency response teams, and sales call/territory planning for a more efficient field sales force. High volume map sharing options are available and are negotiated separately. High volume applications include semi-public map visualization for advertisements, event planning, and public service notifications.


MBO combines an easy-to-use web-based user interface with accurate and versatile map views providing quick and affordable access to compelling business maps for business analysis and resource display. General business map applications include CRM visualization, marketing & advertising campaign management, sales call planning, territory management, demographic visualizations, expansion planning, and site selection. Map data sources include Esri, Nokia, TomTom, and other sources. Map Business Online is used by a growing number of industries including field service, finance, healthcare, insurance, legal, marketing, real estate, retail, and general sales organizations who desire a fast and easy way to learn more about their business by simply importing an Excel spreadsheet or database onto a map. About SpatialTEQ: SpatialTEQ supports North America with business mapping solutions and geospatial software services. The company is dedicated to providing the power of intuitive location-based solutions at an affordable price to business customers across a variety of industries and organizations.

Clients have access to an array of geospatial software solutions, geo-data management services, and GPS tracking tools, at affordable rates, impressive turn-around times, and with the latest technologies applied. Contact: Geoffrey Ives –

Published Thursday, November 8th, 2012

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