ST. Electronics to Launch TeLEOS-1

The First Made-in Singapore Commercial Remote Satellite

Singapore, 21 February 2013 -Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited (ST Electronics) today announced that its subsidiary, ST Electronics (Satellite Systems) Pte Ltd, has started the
design and development of its first commercial remote sensing satellite. Named TeLEOS-1, this made-in-Singapore earth observation satellite is targeted to be launched into commercial service in 2015. ST Electronics is the electronics arm of public listed Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd (ST Engineering).

Set up in May 2011, ST Electronics (Satellite Systems) is a joint venture of ST Electronics’ wholly owned subsidiary, ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems) Pte Ltd, Nanyang Technological University and DSO National Laboratories.

ST Electronics recognises that the space industry, with its high value-add and market potential, provides commercial opportunities for its next growth frontier. To capture these opportunities,
ST Electronics, with the support of the Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB), has committed itself into the design and manufacturing of satellites, with the vision of developing satellite technologies for the global market. Collaborations with local and foreign research institutes, institutes of higher learning, space agencies and leading space industry players is instrumental in strengthening ST Electronics’ core engineering and business competencies, and
building up indigenous capabilities for the development and commercialisation of its satellite technologies.

TeLEOS-1 will be the launch platform for ST Electronics to tap into this growing business, to exploit commercial potential and to grow the indigenous capability in the design, development and production of advanced earth observation satellites.

TeLEOS-1, weighing about 400 kilograms, is designed and developed by ST Electronics (Satellite Systems), and its operations, marketing and sales of related services will be undertaken by ST Electronics (Satcom & Sensor Systems), a wholly owned subsidiary of ST Electronics.

TeLEOS-1 is designed to orbit around the equator, at an orbital height of about 550km, and with an update rate of 90 minutes, it will provide satellite images of 1 metre ground sampling distance from an electro-optics camera.

The satellite images can be used for disaster monitoring and management, mineral exploration, precision farming, environmental monitoring, climate change studies, agriculture resource studies and management, maritime and coastal observation, urban planning and homeland security.

In this regard, it is currently developing the first made-in-Singapore commercial satellite which will be launched soon.

"ST Electronics is excited to be the first commercial company doing satellite design and manufacturing activities in Singapore. We are proud to pioneer these efforts in Singapore together with the support of EDB and believe that this will contribute towards having a vibrant
Singapore space industry. In this regard, we are currently developing the first made-in- Singapore commercial satellite and will also focus on offering earth observation services for customers requiring images around the equatorial belt. These activities will serve to
complement other polar orbiting satellites with a more frequent update rate.”

~ LEE Fook Sun,
President, ST Electronics

In addition to utilising its own satellite to provide imagery and value-added services to customers, ST Electronics plans to collaborate with partners to tap on their complementary satellite images to enhance the offering of high quality geospatial solutions and value-added
services to the market.


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Published Thursday, February 21st, 2013

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