Stone Environmental Creates Application for Climate App Challenge 2014

June 25, 2014, Montpelier, VT - The Applied Information Management (AIM) Group at Stone has created a groundbreaking new tool as an entry into Esri’s Climate Resilience App Challenge 2014.

The challenge is in response to President Obama’s Climate Action Plan’s Climate Data Initiative, an effort to encourage tech innovators to use data about climate change risks and impacts in compelling ways to help citizens, businesses, and communities make smart choices in the face of climate change.

Stone Environmental’s “Modeling Community Erosion from Climate Change” application uses historic and future precipitation, soils data, and land use as inputs to the Modified Universal Soil Loss Equation. After the user selects a location, the model returns predicted scenarios of erosion from various land use options based on five different climate models. With this new tool, communities and land owners can make specific land use decisions to reduce erosion, increasing their resilience in major flooding events and helping to improve water quality at the same time.

Climate change will continue to be responsible for varying and extreme weather events. These events can exacerbate erosion, but also be made worse by erosion that has already occurred, making flooding and landslides more likely and having immediate and long term impacts on water quality in nearby streams, rivers, and lakes. The information this tool provides is invaluable – with it, communities can improve their impact on the environment and their resistance to major flooding events.

While we hope to place in Esri’s contest and value the opportunity for our team to work together on complex datasets and models, we are most excited about the potential of this tool to help communities across the country.

Try it out now! Then contact us to learn about our plans for version 2.0 and how it could be developed to address your specific needs.

About Stone Environmental

Stone Environmental provides scientific tools, information, and analyses to help clients solve complex environmental challenges. Our team of scientists and engineers works around the globe, and our clients rely on us because of our integrity, expertise, and innovation. Our capabilities include water resources management, contaminated site investigation and remediation, support for agrochemical product stewardship and registration, and applied information management/GIS mapping. Stone employs over 50 scientists, engineers, modelers, programmers, and project managers, and is located in Montpelier, Vermont.

Published Monday, June 30th, 2014

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