Supergeo’s New Reseller in Pakistan – Chaudhery Brothers

Supergeo Technologies Inc. is glad to announce a new partner in Pakistan. After close contact for a short time, Supergeo decided to authorize Chaudhery Brothers as an official distributor to provide SuperGIS series products in the local market.

Established in 1987, Lahore, Chaudhery Brothers is an experienced consulting firm focused on GIS, surveying, and civil engineering markets for decades. They have participated in several big engineering projects, including topographic surveying for the highway in Punjab Province, contouring for the power station in Guddu, the design for sewerage system in Gujranwala City, etc. Supergeo believes the diverse customer base will surely help Chaudhery Brothers promote SuperGIS products in the future.

South Asian countries, including Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, are countries have a large population and booming development. For these developing countries, using GIS software can significantly reduce the budget, time, and human sources that are invested in public construction, transportation planning, and urban development. SuperGIS product series not only equips with complete GIS features but also has excellent performance and affordable prices, making it a very competitive choice whether for national or local projects. With Chaudhery Brothers, Supergeo hopes more and more Pakistani can enjoy the convenience brought by geospatial technologies.

Also, Supergeo is seeking passionate and ambitious companies that are willing to promote and distribute SuperGIS products in the local market.


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Published Thursday, January 19th, 2017

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