Today we live in the era of digitalization, and most of our decision-making is driven by technology. Here consumers and producers are tech-conscious, consumers are really proactive and aware of what they are using and what they are paying for, and hence, producers are trifold active in accomplishing their demands.

According to NASSCOM, the Indian information technology (IT) industry has had a phenomenal run. The industry crossed the $100 billion mark in 2012 and is expected to treble to more than $300 billion by 2020.

Technology is one of the driving forces in changing the scenario of Telecom industry, and the recent development can be observed in GIS (Geographic Information System), where India made a history on the launch of 104 satellites. The images from the satellite will be used for cartographic applications, urban and rural applications, coastal land use and regulation, utility management like road network monitoring, water distribution among others. One of the exemplar of GIS technology is ‘Mmaps’, which has made massive contribution. mMaps is a GIS Data' mapping software, specifically designed to meet needs of Telecom by offering better ROI. A GIS Tool that provides Competency to Visualize, Analyze, Interpret and Understand Technical Collected Data for Better Technical and Financial Performance of Telecom Business.

It is a one of the most powerful tool for mapping & geographical analysis that has made the technology less intimidating and more affordable and helps to keep better geographic records, improved decision makings. It encompasses geographical and mapping needs of capacity planning & demand forecasting; map creation & updation of network; data handling problems and network monitoring.

After receiving AGEIS GRAHAM BELL AWARDS for mMaps, in the Field of Innovation in Bundle Service in 2014, Rajiv Mohan Gandhi, CEO, MobileComm now quotes, “These are excited times for the Telecom Industry. With LTE, Small Cells and Data gaining momentum, the networks are becoming more and more complex. Visualization and Geo Coding are becoming the need of the hour. With the GIS and Analytical power which is specifically built for the complex Telecom Environment, mMAPS is going to be the key tool in the hands of the Telcos to go that extra mile in Analytics, Visualization and Geo Tagging. We are more excited because we are launching a unique solution through mMAPS that has not been seen in the markets as of yet. We strongly believe we are giving a very powerful tool in the hands of the TELCOS to Plan, Analyze, Visualize and Optimize their networks at the click of the buttons.”

About MobileComm Professionals Inc

MobileComm Professionals is a key industry player in the wireless services arena. We utilize our expertise in wireless services to provide quality centric cost effective solutions all major wireless mobile Operators, Engineering firms, infrastructure providers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).

MobileComm Professionals enjoys the distinct advantage of being an independent wireless network professional technical services vendor with a robust and integrated portfolio of wireless solutions. Our service offerings portfolio spans all aspects of RF design, Implementation, performance engineering and optimization of second, third generation and emerging technology networks. Our engineering and business consultants are highly tenured and are seasoned professionals who employ a uniquely balanced approach to achieving coverage, capacity, cost and quality objectives for customers.

MobileComm Professionals is a growing provider of value added products to the telecom sector. Our VAS portfolio includes Content Based Services, such as Messaging and Call Management, Mobile Commerce Support Systems and infotainment. These products make the most use of handsets, providing value to subscriber and increasing revenues. MobileComm Professionals also utilizes its Information Technology and software development experience to develop applications that bring efficiency to engineering activities.

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Published Wednesday, March 15th, 2017

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