The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy Creates Board of Advisors


The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy is pleased to announce the formation of its Board of Advisors. The function of this advisory board is to consult with the Executive Director on the key legal and policy challenges and opportunities that are arising due to advancements in geospatial technology and the increased uses of location-enabled information. Such insight will further the Centre’s mission to educate industry, government agencies and policymakers on better understanding where geospatial technology is influencing the law and the need for nations to develop transparent and consistent legal and policy frameworks that will result in location-enabled societies. The advisory board consists of experts from around the world on the collection, use and distribution of location and other types of geospatial data.


“Geospatial technology and the power of location are becoming key drivers in addressing many of the major challenges facing society, including economic growth, transparent and effective governance and critical transnational matters,” said Kevin Pomfret, the Centre’s Executive Director. “Increasingly, issues such as privacy, intellectual property rights and data sharing policies are impacting the ability for governments and businesses to effectively collect and use geospatial information. The goal of the Centre is to help facilitate the use of these important tools consistent with addressing concerns regarding civil liberties and national security as these norms continue to evolve.”

“The advisory board is reflective of the both the scope and breadth of geospatial technology and its growing uses across the globe.” Mr. Pomfret added. The members of the Centre for Spatial


Law and Policy advisory board are:


Laila Aslesen, Norwegian Mapping Authority 
Mark Brender, GeoEye Foundation 
Joel Campbell, GIS Enterprise Consulting 
Kate Chapman, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team 
Dr. George Cho, University of Canberra 
Thomas Gay, FM Global 
Jeffrey Harris, JKH Consulting, Open Geospatial Consortium 
Jeff Jonas, IBM 
Kipp Jones, Skyhook 
Peter Large, Trimble 
Gary Maguire, Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute 
Rob van de Velde, Geonovum 
Geoff Zeiss, Beyond the Poles

Mr. Pomfret stated, “[t]he Centre is very fortunate to have such a well-respected group of advisors, with valuable perspectives and a broad range of international experience. Their support of the Centre is further evidence of the important role law, regulations and policy will have on the geospatial industry going forward.” The Centre plans future additions to its advisory board as technology evolves and new issues arise.


About the Centre 
The Centre for Spatial Law and Policy is a membership-based, non-profit organization working to create consistent and transparent legal and policy frameworks with regards to location and other types of geospatial data. The Centre’s mission is to help further the development of this framework through education on both the issues and the technology and to promote constructive and informed dialogue between the various stakeholders. The Centre hosts the largest on-line repository of Spatial Law and Policy documents and publishes the weekly Spatial Law and Policy Update for its members. For more information, visit the Centre’s Web site (

Published Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

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