Timmons Group Completes Workflow Enhancement for St. Johns County, Florida

Timmons Group, a leader in geospatial consulting, completed a Workflow & Data Quality project with St. Johns County, Florida, that standardized and streamlined workflows in order to increase data quality and data maintenance efficiency.

As one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, the St. John’s Department of Utilities relies heavily on its GIS data as many other system applications and workflows use this data on a daily basis. Data quality was an important aspect of this project. The County needed tools to identify and then correct issues and data maintenance workflow to streamline repeatable processes and prevent inconsistencies.

Timmons Group configured and provided Esri Production Mapping tools, including Task Assistant Manager, Data Reviewer, Attribute Assistant, and the Water Network Editing Add-in. These tools will allow editors and administrators to edit and verify data in a way that will increase the confidence of the end users in the data they receive. Tom Tibbitts, St. Johns County Water Utilities, Information Systems Coordinator, said, “Timmons Group has helped advance our GIS Data management and the quality of our data. They have assisted our staff’s development and knowledge, and expedited our GIS staff's adoption of industry data editing, management and quality tools. The improvement of our GIS Data has been invaluable, as this data is used daily throughout our Utility in a wide range of applications including Asset Management, Capital Planning, Mapping and Locating, Emergency Response, Hydraulic Modeling, Condition Assessments, Water Conservation, Water Quality Programs and more. This saves time and provides better data, allowing St. Johns County Water Utilities to focus on more robust and accurate applications that help provide advanced insight and cost-savings.”

Published Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

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