Trico Electric Cooperative Goes Completely Paperless!

Trico Electric Cooperative Goes Totally Paperless Established in 1945 by farmers in Avra Valley , Arizona; Trico Electric Cooperative has a reputable history of providing the best in Electric service to over 38,000 consumerowners that span their 3 county service territory. When Trico Electric Cooperative set out to automate their field workflow processes, they evaluated several vendors and ultimately chose GISbiz and their geoOrganizer suite of software.

Nashville, TN based GISbiz worked closely with Larry Ash, Supervisor of Maintenance at Trico Electric Cooperative to find a solution that met his utility’s needs. The cooperative’s evaluation criteria dictated they find software that was: user friendly, flexible, and provided the functions important to a rural utility such as offline capabilities. Larry personally needed a solution that the Linemen at Trico would want to use and required minimal training on their part. The other driving factor during evaluation was to find a solution that would enable them to go completely paperless. “Being able to go completely paperless is a huge deal for us. Tracking what all of our Linemen do using paper has caused all kinds of problems over the years that we wanted to get away from,” said Larry, Supervisor of Maintenance at Trico Electric Cooperative. Trico evaluated several other vendors before making their selection to buy GISbiz geoOrganizer application.

.During the process of evaluating vendors, GISbiz offered a robust system with the user friendliness, flexibility, and functionality that they needed in a system. Initially, Trico was only going to use geoOrganizer for handling their inspections along with the documentation. Currently, other uses are being explored such as vegetation management, contractor-based work, aerial inspections and more. Larry went on to comment, "The bottom line is, we found a software application that the Linemen were impressed with and wanted to use.” Some of the other features of geoOrganizer that Larry liked were the flexibility of generating reports, the ability to give contractors a device and system to use that eliminated the need for paper while also giving him a way to keep them accountable and the ability to conduct rapid assessments on power lines from the air. "It was very impressive to see a company like GISbiz so far ahead of their time with an innovative application that we can expand our use into and throughout."

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Published Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

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