Ubisense launches myWorld 4 – introducing enterprise geomobility for Esri

Cambridge, UK – 7th October 2016 - Ubisense Group plc (AIM:UBI) is today announcing the launch of myWorld 4, a significant evolution of its enterprise geomobility platform. myWorld 4 provides a single coherent architecture for implementing enterprise mobile solutions with Esri ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online plus Google Maps, GE Smallworld, Intergraph, spatialNET or any geospatial service that supports WMS and WFS.

With myWorld 4 data can be downloaded from ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online and other geospatial services directly to any supported mobile device, including phones, tablets and laptops running Android, iOS or Windows. This makes implementing and maintaining a geomobility solution across an enterprise significantly simpler. myWorld 4 has a number of unique product features, including: Runs on all major mobile operating systems. A common code base supports all major mobile platforms - Android, iOS and Windows 7 or later - plus all modern web browsers, making integration of field and office-based work seamless for users and developers. Rapid development using myWorld Application Framework.

Much more than a low level Software Development Kit (SDK), the myWorld Application Framework delivers an out-of-the-box application with GUI based configuration tools and a well-defined customization framework. Applications can be rapidly built and deployed by customers, partners and Ubisense. Robust offline and online data architecture. Multiple out of the box flexible data sync options allow users to seamlessly use both local data on their device and online data when a wireless network connection is available. GIS independent.

The myWorld external datasource architecture supports rich functionality against Esri REST Services, and OGC Services which are supported by all major geospatial vendors as well as direct interfaces to GE Smallworld, Intergraph and spatialNET. myWorld is already being used by over 14,000 operations and engineering professionals every day, deployed by companies that want a true enterprise geomobility solution tailored to their organizational needs, rather than limited departmental solutions.

Peter Batty, CTO of Geospatial at Ubisense said: “myWorld 4 represents a significant step towards our vision of delivering any geospatial datasource anywhere, on any device online or offline”.

For more information on how myWorld 4 can help your organization, please visit www.ubisense.net or attend the myWorld 4 webinar on October 19th, please check website for further details. Ubisense is also holding a myWorld meetup in Denver on November 2nd - 3rd, see http://ubisense.net/en/blog/utilities-and-telecom/ubisense-myworld-meetup-announced-november-denver for more information

Published Friday, October 7th, 2016

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