Real estate comprises 54% of all the assets in the countries of the world with developed economies [the U.S. and Canada, Western Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia, etc.] -- The Economist

Geospatial Technologies in the Real Estate Industry

A four-part on-demand webinar series

The joke about the three most important facets of real estate is not only true but ties in perfectly with how you can use geospatial technologies to gain a lucrative competitive edge in this huge industry. The growth in online geospatial information has spawned entirely news industries and innovations that are impacting both the commercial and residential real estate markets.

This 4-part webinar series will provide an overview of the vast and complex real estate industry, a survey of geospatial technologies currently in use in that industry, and an exploration of largely untapped product development opportunities. The webinar series will provide:

  • A better understanding of the enormous size, major facets, and principal players in the real estate industry
  • Awareness of the GIS tools and databases that have been successfully adopted by the industry to date
  • Insights into the GIS marketing strategies that have been successfully employed by geospatial software and content vendors
  • Recommendations for developing products and services for yet unfulfilled GIS demand within the industry
  • Ample opportunity to ask questions of experts who literally wrote the book on GIS in real estate

Who Should Attend

  • Technical and managerial personnel in the real estate industry who already use geospatial technologies and are seeking to expand their knowledge and effectiveness
  • Real estate industry personnel who do not yet benefit from these technologies and are looking for a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities
  • Geospatial product developers, marketers, investors, and other forward-looking professionals who are expanding their product line and/or ferreting out the next "killer app"
  • Governmental workers, educators, students and others who are not directly in the real estate industry but whose interests are affected by that industry (which is pretty much everyone!)

The webinars will cover the application of geospatial software and data bases to all phases of the real estate investment cycle -- including not only how geospatial technologies have been successfully used by others but also recommendations for developing products and services for as yet unfulfilled GIS demand within the industry.

Among the real estate functions to be examined: residential and commercial brokerage, appraisal/assessment, highest and best use/due diligence, private and public sector real estate development, mortgage underwriting and re-underwriting, retail site selection and network optimization, corporate real estate, investment management for pension funds and other institutional investors, Wall Street applications (e.g., with REITs), and more.

  • Huge industry size and complexity
  • Number and diversity of players
  • Rate of technology adoption by major sectors
  • Opportunities for new products and services

  • Identification of the optimal region, city, and then submarket
  • Selection of a specific property
  • Using consolidated websites offering "One-stop-shopping" for the above analyses

  • Listings of properties that are for sale or lease
  • Property valuation a.k.a. appraisal
  • Hazard abatements
  • Permits and entitlements
  • Mortgage underwriting
  • Other transaction support activities

  • Peer group comparisons
  • Forecasting market changes
  • Property tax appeals
  • Opportunities for lease-saleback, consolidation, etc.
  • Disposition

  • Who else is using GIS in real estate? How long? How successfully?
  • Does a GIS pay for itself? How Soon? In what ways?
  • What is the likely risk-reward ratio? Cost-benefit ratio? Return on investment (ROI)?
  • Can I operate a GIS myself, or do I have to hire a GIS technician?
  • Where do I get the data? How much does the data cost? How often must it be updated?
  • How easy is a GIS to learn? To remember how to use after several days or even weeks of not using the technology?
  • Can I buy off-the-shelf software and data that directly apply to my job, or do I have to customize a generic GIS?
  • How does GIS differ from other computer technologies?
  • How many sources of GIS software, hardware, data, customized programming, etc., are available? How do I find and choose among them?
  • What are the best aspects of a GIS? The worst aspect?
  • Can a complete GIS reside on a lap-top computer? Desk-top computer? Mini or mainframe computer? On a local area network, wide area network, and/or time-sharing system? On the Internet, either free or for a subscription fee?

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Your Instructor

Gilbert H. Castle

Mr. Gilbert Castle has been a GIS consultant since 1978. Prior to starting Castle Consulting, he was a Regional Director of the real estate consulting division of Deloitte & Touche. Mr. Castle is a Past President of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association, North America's largest and oldest professional society for GIS practitioners.

He has more than 150 publications and conference presentations to his credit, primarily on applied computer technology in land use decisions. For example, he is responsible for two seminal books - GIS in Real Estate (1998) and Profiting from a Geographic Information System (1994). For several years he also wrote the real estate column for Business Geographics magazine.

Mr. Castle has lectured at numerous universities on applied GIS technology, including MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, the University of California at Berkeley, Texas Tech, and Georgia Tech. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Cum Laude, from Harvard University, and a Master of City Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania.