How to Be Location Intelligent with MapInfo Pro

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Learn more about the most accessible and user-friendly GIS software and how it can help you create efficiency and results for you and your organization.

From the basic, to the more advanced capabilities, this webinar will demonstrate how you can use MapInfo Pro v16 to access rich data, explore intuitive functionality and generate answers faster than ever

In this webinar

  • The key concepts of MapInfo Pro, including navigating the user interface, creating visually rich maps and accessing other key functions
  • An overview of the latest enhancements in MapInfo Pro v16
  • See new horizons for raster GIS visualization and analysis

More details

We’ll begin this interactive session by covering the basics and move into more advanced capabilities, introducing the MapInfo Pro Advanced version which provides superior raster GIS capabilities to open and analyze massive grid and imagery files at lightning speed. We’ll bring industry examples and encourage questions along the way for this interactive session.

Some of the key capabilities within MapInfo Pro which will be touched on are as follows:

  • Ease of use through an interface optimized toward creating results quicker than ever
  • Comprehensive data compatibility
  • Superb data creation and editing functions
  • Flexible map display and visualization options
  • Powerful raster GIS analysis


Tom Probert, Global Product Manager, MapInfo Pro, Pitney Bowes

Who should attend

GIS professionals, users, managers, directors, engineers, developers and analysts; enterprise solution architects and engineers; business analysts; business intelligence solutions users needing location analytics; current and prospective MapInfo Pro clients.

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